Ford, GM Co-Developing 9-, 10-Speed Transmissions

Ford, GM Co-Developing 9-, 10-Speed Transmissions

General Motors and Ford are collaborating on development of both a nine-and 10-speed automatic transmission, the companies said today. 

The technology, which will improve fuel economy for both brands, will apply to both front- and rear-wheel drive vehicles and will be used in both car and truck applications.

“Engineering teams from GM and Ford have already started initial design work on these new transmissions,” said Jim Lanzon, GM vice president of global transmission engineering.

By working together, the two automakers will save cost and speed the development process. This isn’t the first instance of the General and blue oval brand working together on transmission projects.  In fact, this is the third time in the past decade. Past efforts went toward building six-speed automatics found in vehicles including the Ford Fusion, Explorer and several others along with the Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu and Equinox.

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“The goal is to keep hardware identical in the Ford and GM transmissions. This will maximize parts commonality and give both companies economy of scale,” Ford chief engineer for transmission and driveline component pre-program engineering, Craig Renneker, said.

Despite planning to keep the hardware the same, the General Motors and Ford will manufacture the units in separate plants while sharing most of the components. Control software, on the other hand, will vary based on the manufacturer and vehicle.

Neither Ford nor GM provided technical details for the transmissions, saying instead that further information will be available closer to when they will be launched.

Gear laden transmissions are becoming increasingly common in new vehicles. For example, Land Rover debuted the world’s first nine-speed transmission at its booth during this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Currently, available to consumers, Chrysler’s Ram truck brand offers eight-speed automatics in its pickup trucks.

  • raymond

    wow finally for all you ford and Chevrolet vans yur in a partnership for making a transmission and Chevrolet it is time you recognized ford for their superior transmission that they build but ford needs help on motors maybe Chevrolet can help them but it is cool finally they can work together

  • raymond

    also the new 5.3 ecotec3 is gonna be a awesome engine people can nock it down for being a pushrod but truth is dohc are run with chains or belts and the pushrod engine has been with Chevrolet for over 100 years now isn’t that realiblity cause if it is not what is these damn rice burners don’t stand a chance in the new silverodo

  • raymond

    I stand loyal to the silverodo and will until they decide to go with dohc design thanks chevy for keeping the pushrod design and making it better through other designs like vvt direct injection and cylinder deactivation now that’s impressive I remember a few months back in a article saying it was impossible to direct inject a pushrod motor well gm did it so never say impossible cause it can happen

  • raymond

    and ya the ecoboost will pull the new 5.3 ecotec3 around but it is a forced induction engine with 12 psi of boost take the boost away a it is 295 horse and 280lb torque if u forced air in at the rate of 12psi in the 5.3 ecotec3 v8 it would have around 500 horse and 550lb torque and for all you nimb rods out there wait till yur turbos blow out after yur warrenty there 850$ and ford said if one goes you gotta replace both cause there connected in some way that’s 1,900$ in turbos really and that’s if they didn’t ruin your motor which costs 2,800$ by its self so ya lots of money spent if something goes wrong but the pushrod has been around know for 100 plus years and it is realible more than any other engine