2016 Shelby GT350 Planned With High-Revving V8

2016 Shelby GT350 Planned With High-Revving V8

Recent rumors had Ford dropping the Shelby GT500 for the next-generation Mustang, and now it appears that the American automaker will introduce a Shelby GT350 one year after the new Mustang debuts in 2015.

That means for the time being, the Cobra moniker won’t be revived, but the Shelby GT350 will be an official Ford factory model. Unfortunately, details are light on the next-generation Mustang and the Shelby GT350 variant, but it will be naturally aspirated powered by a V8. The powerplant is expected to be high-revving and derived from the GT’s 5.0-liter Coyote engine, but will feature a higher displacement and be significantly more powerful. It won’t be as powerful as this generation’s GT500 with 662 hp, but it’ll see impressive gains over the expected 450 hp from the GT. Ford is also expected to use plenty of carbon fiber on the GT350 to help free up some weight.

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As for other surprises Ford has in the works, a Mach 1 model is planned for introduction in 2017. Like in the past, expect the Mach 1 model to be a collectible, special-edition car.

[Source: Road&Track]

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  • Alex Nunez

    FYI: Source on the engine info and use of carbon fiber is Road & Track.

  • Mustanger

    I don’t like this design at all for the Mustang. Looks too much like a cross between an Audi R8, Taurus and a Mustang. VERY disappointed at this design.

  • James

    Looks too much like a Nissan 370Z…..do not like at all.

  • Shelby 103

    I have the 2012 GT350 built by Shelby and there is no comparison to this 2016 Shelby

  • ColumWood

    Thanks Alex. That has been corrected.

  • Kinetis

    This is just what some photoshopper THINKS the new mustang will look like and is by no means what the actual car will look like.

  • ColumWood

    It is just an artists rendering. Correct. Inspired by Ford’s Evos concept, don’t be surprised if the new one looks something like this. Ford has already said the retro look won’t live on.

  • SC’d 5.3 Stang

    They definetly need a brake cooling duct in the aft wheel arch flares … looks funky without one. The rear wheel arches are a bit too pronounced. Add side skirts, rear spolier, a front splitter, a Cobra type heat extractor hood, and I think it has potential.
    If they are going to get more displacement out of the Coyote motor, they are either going to have to use Nikosil plated liners like the 5.8 (3.70 bore), or stroke it (3.75 stroke). If they do either of those options, it would bump it up to 5.1L, if the went with both, they would end up with 5.3L. I see this as a decent option for a stock mustang GT, with 450 hp being good for a naturally aspirated motor.
    For a Shelby model though, I think they would be better off keeping it 5.0, and throwing a twin turbo or supercharger on it (both options are already available aftermarket for the 5.0). Either would easily bump it up above 600 on pump gas if they put decent rods in it.

  • MichaelPerkins

    Looks Like a Friggin Hyuadai Tiburan now…… BOOOOOOOOOO

  • ladygogo

    It looks like a year old Alfa Romeo Spider mixed with a Hyundai. It’s a shame if they build it like that. Then driving a Mustang/Shelby is no more cool!

    I will switch to a Dodge Challenger then.

  • John Roach

    I will never get rid of my 2013 GT500 Shelby. The last one that Carrol Shelby signed off on. It is a rocket.

  • josh

    I like the idea but COME on!!!!Not the body style i own a 1972 ford mustang Now that’s real muscle you guys are starting to steer clear of the mustang finis not liking this!

  • Matt Knight

    The problem is this… the automakers, like everyone else, are pandering to the little under twenty five year old douche bags who typically prefer front wheel drive turds (mainly because they cannot drive, and fwd makes them feel as though they can because of designed-in idiot proof handling). What Ford, also like everyone else, does not realize, is that the buying power that they THINK the under twenty five year old douche bags have….. is actually MOMMY AND DADDY’s money, and that they are, ultimately , doing themselves and the world no favors by kissing the entitled little behinds of these little tools, by SCREWING UP THE APPEARANCE OF AN ICONIC CAR TO SUIT THE TASTES OF A GROUP OF DRIVERS THAT IT WAS NEVER MEANT FOR, AND WHO HAVE NO INTEREST IN IT, OR MONEY TO BUY IT ANYWAY!!!!! Leave the Mustang to us adults, and keep making the stupid little girly hatchback fwd Focus to try and steal hipster punks’ business away from Honda!

  • Shannon Scott

    I’m sorry, is that a Mustang or an Audi? No thanks.

  • J S R

    back end need to be modified

  • Garrett

    you’re incorrect in assuming this car is made for the spoiled under 25 crowd. In actuality this car was designed by those dumb asses but like the past mistakes ford has mad ie the mustang 2 they will fix it as long as no one buys them

  • SVT93R

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink! Thanks for sharing yours.

  • ChristianWilliamson

    God you commenters are morons

    That’s a render done by a magazine, not ford

    That’s not how the new mustang will look

    Oh and auto guide, stop using that render. As you can see most mustang owners are simple.

    I’m tired of having to explain that image to them

  • Matt Knight

    Aren’t you precious!!! I’ll assume, based on the venom of your oh-so-witty retort, that you must be one of those little dusche bags of whom I spake! I bet you even wear skinny jeans, and have one of those jaunty little over one eye, Justin Bieber, helmet head haircuts, and probably typed your SCATHING response on your i-phone 5, while listening to badly recorded, illegally downloaded, emo music in your half primered, farty exhaust, six foot winged Hoda Civic with a purple roll cage, faux race seats , and a Pokemon mural on the hood! Listen,Chonch, ’til ya grow a few pubies, get a non-fast food job, and save up enough to buy a big boy (REAR WHEEL DRIVE) car, without mommys cosignature….S.T.F.U.! And, stay outa the way.

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    Ron Burgandy says:

  • Jay Espinoza

    I like it . Massive engine . That’s not exactly what will be produce as far as looks. I enjoy my 90lx notch 🙂 Go ForD

  • StangU.com

    I still prefer the 2011 + look for the mustangs…..stangu.com… ..like others said its getting away from there look and looking more like a hyaundai or kia or something like that. The mustang need to be different and stand out not just be another car in the pack…come on FORD! #stangu #gtmustang #GT350 #badassstangs

  • Joe Walsh

    Ford Mustang going the way of the Lightning……graveyard.

  • Joe Walsh

    Tool…..go memorize the lyrics to Green Day’s American IDIOT. ..

  • Joe Walsh


  • Joe Walsh

    Challenger is now dated…..sits too high and handles like a$$….go drive the sled…

  • Joe Walsh

    Another so cslled social media expert spesks…..at this point the photo leaks have to be somewhat accurate…..your just oart of the auto clinic food chain…this has been out……..and similar renditions for at least a year on various Mustang forums…

  • ladygogo

    It’s Not about handling, it’s about STYLE man.
    …go drive a fu***ng Audi if you want performance.


    i know this isnt what it will look like but this rendering looks like a modded fusion with a phat ass. dumb in my book.

  • Jewkohlai Farkus

    did I just wast ten minutes of my life, yes i did. What a bunch of morons. There are too many dumb ass people on here with stupid ass remarks. Obviously the mustang wont look like that and that is a fact. RS3 IYAAYAS, your book is dumb so your point is irrelevant.

  • jim

    matt mustangs are more a mans car than anything you want to know what these 25 year old douch bags are buying ( your probley one off them ) subi wrx and stis or an evo any real buyer buys american muscle

  • Blahblah

    I was one of em! 😀 2004 gt 40th was my first car.

  • Blahblah

    AAAAAND I typed this on my iPhone five.


    I hope to the AUTOGODS that is not the real car. WTF? No one can come up with their own design?! All these POS cars are starting to look the same again. CRAP AND MORE CRAP. This looks like a modified nissian and I can’t stand the G35’s.