MyFord Touch Drives Customer Satisfaction: Brand Says

MyFord Touch Drives Customer Satisfaction: Brand Says

MyFord Touch and Sync are helping to drive higher customer satisfaction rates, the automaker said today.

According to Ford, 79 percent of its new vehicles from the 2013 model year were sold with either MyFord Touch or Sync. But MyFord Touch wasn’t always as good as it is today. Many still say that it still has a long way to go.

The company said today that the system has improved “by more than 50 percent” since it initially reached customers. But what exactly does an improvement by more than 50 percent represent?

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Panned by Consumer Reports, problems with the system were credited with the publication’s negative outlook on vehicles from the blue oval brand. According to their data, six of the top 10 least reliable vehicles on the road are Ford products — mostly because of MyFord Touch.

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Still, Ford isn’t content with its status quo and is committed to further progress. The company said today it is committed to listening to its customers and improving the system. Downloadable upgrades to the system will play a key role in that improvement because owners will be able to perform upgrades without visiting a dealer. Convenient as that might be, Ford’s do-it-yourself updates also fell under scrutiny for being slow and requiring the car to idle throughout the roughly hour-long installation process.

Ford also announced that it plans to integrate more buttons into future vehicles to address complaints that the MyFord Touch system makes its vehicles distracting to drive.