Ford Focus EV Price Cut by $4,000

Ford Focus EV Price Cut by $4,000

Ford will slash the price of its unpopular Focus EV in the hopes that a smaller sticker will bait new buyers. 

The only way major automakers seem to find success in selling electric cars has come after those brands announced a high price then knocked it down by thousands. Nissan was the first and the formula worked. Sales leaped over its key competitor: the Chevrolet Volt in the first month of the reduced price.

While General Motors hasn’t exactly gone punch for punch, it has reduced the cost of buying a Volt by offering discounts rather than an outright price plunge. Meanwhile, Ford has been busy trying to sell its electric Focus. It hasn’t been working.

Now, the Detroit News reports that Ford will clip the Focus EV’s sticker price by $4,000 despite Ford director of global electrification Nancy Gioia saying the brand doesn’t plan to chase discounts by other makers.

Has something changed at the Dearborn brand? Maybe not, because Gioia didn’t deny plans for a discount, just one as deep as other manufacturers; and it hasn’t.  Ford’s cut brings the base price to $35,200, which is still higher than the Leaf.

[Source: the Detroit News]

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  • Jeffrey

    The high cost over a regular gas powered one would pay for all the fuel used in 20+ year

  • Guapo

    They have to update that price on their mailings. I received one recently showing the previous price of $39,200.