Tesla Petition Reaches 100,000 Signatures

Tesla Petition Reaches 100,000 Signatures

A Tesla fan-created petition asking the government to allow the American automaker to sell directly to consumers has reached the necessary 100,000 signatures to get the White House to take a look.

The petition, created on June 5, 2013, had one month to reach 100,000 signatures and this past weekend, Tesla sent an email out to its owners and fans requesting for more signatures. It paid off, as an official response from the White House should be coming in the near future now that the petition has reached its goal.

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Tesla has been fighting an uphill battle with the legality of its stores and selling directly to consumers, skipping over the middle man and standard dealerships. The automaker has already won in several states including North Carolina and New York, but auto dealerships nationwide are not backing down.

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  • Julian

    Tesla is a company based on lies and trickery. Don’t be bamboozled into buying one.

  • Spielman

    Disruptive to an industry that has been mired in lies and suspicion for decades. Congrats Tesla!

  • Tom

    Says the Detroit auto executive….

  • obermd

    I think all auto manufacturers should be allowed to sell their products directly to the public. There are way too many stealerships out there who end up ruining the manufacturer’s reputation.