Jaguar Willing to Wean Itself Off V8 Power

Jaguar Willing to Wean Itself Off V8 Power

Jaguar has admitted that it could be forced to abandon its love for V8 engines in order to meet future emission regulations.

The good news is, Jaguar isn’t abandoning its foundation of performance in every one of its vehicles. As evident in its C-X75 supercar concept, the British automaker has been experimenting extensively with powerplant options. In fact, the C-X75 has been used as a test bed for new technologies that could make their way into production models in the future.

According to Steven de Ploey, Jaguar’s product and marketing director, the automaker isn’t “wedded to V8s,” and can exist without them. But its intentions isn’t to eliminate the V8 until it has found comparable performance from new technologies. In other words, Jaguar is wedded to “intelligent performance.”

de Ploey also said future Jaguar models could move away from superchargers as their method of forced induction. Most automakers today have turned to turbochargers to boost performance while maintaining fuel efficiency, a path that Jaguar will consider. A form of electrification, such as hybrids, is also on the table.

At the end of the day however, Jaguar will choose what’s best for its vehicles in order to maintain the performance its buyers have come to expect.

[Source: Drive]

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