Chevrolet SS Production Threatened by Subsidy Spat

Chevrolet SS Production Threatened by Subsidy Spat

Production of the Holden Commodore-based Chevrolet SS began last month, but the production run could be interrupted soon.

GM’s Holden division has threatened to halt vehicle production in Australia if the government doesn’t commit to fresh subsidies within two months. While it might seem easy to ignore an issue on the other side of the world, there are implications for the U.S. car market.

Chevrolet spokesperson Afaf Farah confirmed that the SS entered production in August, but declined to comment on how long the limited volume vehicle will be in production. Even in the unlikely event that production of the SS starts and ends before the two-month deadline, the Caprice PPV would be affected. General Motors currently has three operational factories in Australia.

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The first shipment of SS sedans is expected to arrive later this year, likely with fewer than 1,000 cars according to past reports. Chevrolet has roughly 3,000 stores in the U.S., so even if production isn’t impeded, you don’t stand  very good chance of seeing the 415-hp sedan at a stoplight.

Farah refused to comment on production volumes or when the current SS manufacturing run might end.

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    Makes my 2006 GTO look a little better! Factory original with 35K miles

  • gto guy

    Yep, what a great car, mine has taken some hits, keep that beauty in good shape

  • nemmer

    funny that someone has the same car…and opinion as me. That said the SS was looking like the replacement of choice for my CTS.

  • John Shade

    After owning a 2004 and now 2005 GTO, it makes me feel that my old Pontiac’s don’t look so bad.

  • D Phillips

    Got mime RAND NEW in March of 2005, Stock appearing, but lots of internal upgrades like cam, heads….9,500 miles better than new. Thank god for the Aussies (HOLDEN) becasue GM USA is CLUELESS on design and what people want. For example lets bring back one of the all time favorites like the Z/28. GM did an excellent job on screwing that up for us average guys with average jobs. WHO IN GODS NAME CAN AFFORD IT OTHER THAN CRAIG JACKSON’S CLIENTIAL. WAY TO GO GENERAL MOTORS!

  • John Ernst

    Can’t see why we can’t sell it as a Holden because that is what it is. Sick of GM hiding our great brand when they sell our ideas and products in other other countries. The subsidy they want is 500, 000, 000this time 18 months ago they got 320, 000, 000 of Australian tax payers dollars to subsidies cars for Americans. Not on! They alsi sent 270, 000, 000 in profits back to US share holders. The feeling here is enough is enough.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    sorry but I disagree about the style of the reincarnated GTO. Not that it didn’t look good just don’t think it should have been a GTO. Also think the SS should have a little more style to it for the price they are asking

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    also I agree with calling it a Holden Commodore because that has a better ring to it than just calling it an SS especially since GM decided to put SS badges on just about anything the past few years

  • Mick

    You’re right!!!!! Aussies are the world’s last true rednecks. American hillbillies all want jacked up trucks covered in chrome and shit. It’s pretty embarrassing if you ask me… They’re still doing V8 rwd in everything. And they live in the middle of nowhere fighting sharks kangaroos and angry spiders when they get bored. America should be taking notes… Except for the whole being a part of the commonwealth thing. That’s pretty lame…

  • Wilbur

    It makes my 2009 Pontiac G8 GT look good too…

  • Joe Louis

    The new GTO is awesome if you understand what you’re getting. It’s just a highway cruiser built for younger drivers with bad taste in music and a penchant for chain smoking…

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I agree that it is awesome, it just doesn’t say GTO, except on the badges lol

  • diehard

    What’s taking so long to see articles, pictures, videos of the arrival of the first shipment of SS’s, which happened a week ago this Thursday? Lets get on the ball guys/gals.

  • me

    what are they scared of!!! it is one of the best looking and more powerful sedans out there, stop with the crap and let the American public have what they want!!