The Golf of Minivans is More of the Former and Less of the Latter

The Golf of Minivans is More of the Former and Less of the Latter

What do you get when you want to build a compact, sporty minivan? The Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan.

The German automaker has revealed its successor to the Golf Plus, stating that this concept car is where “the worlds of compacts and minivans meld together into a new vehicle that offers more space for active recreation, family and work.” The Golf Sportsvan is a near-production concept and is expected to go into production as soon as mid-2014 according to VW.

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Much of the Sportsvan’s performance is borrowed from the Golf GTI such as the standard XDS+ system that makes driving through bends sportier, faster and more precise. The model will launch in the “Treadline,” “Comfortline,” and “Highline” trim versions and will be offered with a range of six new engines. Every model will be equipped with start-stop technology, and Volkswagen promises that the Sportsvan will be up to 19 percent more fuel efficient compared to the Golf Plus.

Four turbocharged TSI engines along with a pair of turbodiesel TDIs will be available at launch.

Family-friendly features include rear seats that can slide fore and aft by up to seven inches as well as blind spot monitoring and rear traffic alert. Notably absent from the official VW release, however, is any indication of sliding second-row doors.

Though you can expect more information on the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan when it makes its official debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, don’t expect it to be coming to America anytime soon.

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