Toyota Named Most Valuable Auto Brand

Toyota Named Most Valuable Auto Brand

Toyota has once again been named the most valuable automotive brand in the world, besting prestigious luxury marques and more mainstream rivals.

The Japanese automaker once again secured a top 10 finish, placing 10th on the list of the world’s most valuable brands, as identified by Interbrand.

Far from being out-in-front, Toyota is followed closely in the rankings by Mercedes-Benz in 11th and BMW in 12th spots, each of which maintained their position from the year earlier as well.

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As for Toyota’s top rivals in sales volume, Volkswagen climbed five spots this year from 39th to 34th while General Motors placed in 89th – marking the first time the company has landed on the Interbrand list in its 14 years of existence.

The top spots on the list are reserved for tech giants Apple (1st) and Google (2nd), followed by Coca-Cola, IBM and Microsoft.

Other automakers to make the list include Honda, rising one spot to 20th, as well as Ford, which jumped three positions to 42nd, followed closely by Hyundai, up 10 positions to 43. Further down the list is Audi in 51st place, Porsche in 64th, Nissan in 65th, Kia in 83rd and finally Ferrari in 98th.

With a brand valued at over 35 billion, the Interbrand survey includes factors such as advertising exposure, customer awareness, relevance and, of course, financial performance.

  • Jim (Atlanta)

    If they don’t get their R+D teams fired up fast and catch up to the other 3, the MVB won’t mean a thing pretty soon. Toyota’s “build your truck” web design sucks compared to the others. Consumer Reports even has Dodge as being better rated in their last survey. Toyota just started an ad campaign, while everyone else is all over the tv. Toyota has the BassPro fishing circuit…Christ…really? I’ve been a loyal Toyota buyer for 20 years, but they’ve been resting on their laurels far too long. I’m in the market for a new truck in the next 6month- 1year. I’m not just looking at Toyotas anymore. Toyota….get your asses in gear before you start losing loyal buyers. Cuz once we’re gone, you’re going to have to work twice as hard to get us back….Jim (Atlanta)


    TOYota is really not a good name at all for machinery.


    Their logo still looks like a cowboy hat…..horrible image. Means nothing


    You mean sugar water and several chemicals and food coloring isn’t the #1 valuable brand, really? Shucks

  • Alfie

    hahaha. That’s so true. I never thought of that before.

  • Toys for Me

    Jim – do you buy your trucks because of their advertising or by how well the truck is built and how reliable it is? What about the resale value? I’ve owned Toys for 30+ years and still feel they are the best build trucks around.

  • Toyota truth

    Excellent engines but subpar materials from steel to plastics.