Ford Brings Overwhelming Mustang Muscle to SEMA

Ford Brings Overwhelming Mustang Muscle to SEMA

With the next Mustang just around the corner, you might be about ready to forget the current generation. If Ford’s presence at this year’s SEMA Show has anything to say about it, that would be a mistake.

The newest pony car will appear with all sorts of changes including an independent rear suspension, turbocharged four cylinder engine and – of course – new styling. The five Mustangs at Ford’s booth in Las Vegas prove one thing above all: even if there’s a new car coming the current Mustang is brimming with potential.

For example, the Shelby GT500 tuned by Ice Nine Group is capable of up to 1,330 hp on 110 octane fuel or 1,050 hp on pump gas. A 4.5-liter Whipple setup helps it achieve that mind bending number. Putting that power to the ground is probably harder than beating Bruce Willis in a staring contest but Ice Nine Group uses 355 series tires wrapped around 14-inch wide wheels to try.

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Nitto Tire also chipped in a modified Mustang GT built with Ford Racing performance parts. It gets a Cobra Jet intake manifold, a 65 mm billet throttle body, a 65 mm air intake, a re-tuned ECU and many other modifications. It sits lower and sees handling improvements thanks to a coilover suspension, and Nitto gave it an eye-catching red scheme complimented by black wheels.

Bojix Design also built up a Mustang for this year’s SEMA Show. It features a programmable intercooled supercharge system from Ford Racing Performance Parts and a coilover suspension to improve handling. Massive 22-inch wheels painted black with white accents compliment the car’s orange, black and white color scheme. It also features a Stage 2 clutch and aluminum flywheel among the enhancements.

The most striking concept comes from Hollywood Hot Rods. It’s a convertible Mustang GT with a removable aluminum hardtop. The rear is replaced by reshaped metal. A brushed aluminum front splitter and air intakes mounted on the body emphasize this car’s extreme design. It also features a supercharger kit that Hollywood Hotrods says is pushing the car to about 720 hp.

Finally, the “Bad Penny” Mustang GT rounded off the Mustangs in Ford’s booth this year. It has 624 hp on tap thanks to a supercharger and 65 mm throttle body. It also features a side-firing exhaust and six-piston big brake kit. A copper on black color scheme sets the mostly black Mustang off tastefully with matching wheels.

GALLERY: Shelby GT500 by Ice Nine Group


GALLERY: Mustang GT by Nitto Tire


GALLERY: Mustang GT by Bojix Design


GALLERY: Mustang GT Convertible by Hollywood Hotrods


GALLERY: “Bad Penny” Mustang GT


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  • mitch c

    FORD should keep a live axle version of the current Mustang tagged as the “LX” for the Purist Mustang Lovers. Strip it down with manual windows and locks, remove the back seat and install the “X Brace”, I’m talking your basic LX Mustang 5.0, a-la the Fox Body LX! At the right price point they would sell ’em faster than they could build ’em!!!

  • Mustang Luvr

    I totally agree. Most mustang lovers like me like speed, power without all the non essential crap that does nothing but increase weight and price.

  • jonn huck