Luxury SUV Buyers Want Hybrids, Truck Shoppers Do Not: Survey

Luxury SUV Buyers Want Hybrids, Truck Shoppers Do Not: Survey

A recent study has revealed that truck shoppers are the least likely to join the hybrid and electric vehicle movement.

But who is most interested in hybrids and electric vehicles? According to the latest study by Phoenix Marketing International, luxury SUVs shoppers and non-luxury car buyers are most likely to consider an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) such as an EV, hybrid, hydrogen fuel-cell powered car or a natural gas-powered vehicle. Half of all automotive shoppers are neutral to AFVs, meaning that they aren’t strongly for or against them when shopping for a new car.

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Luxury SUV consumers are the most likely to consider an AFV, with 35.8 percent of shoppers responding very or extremely likely to purchasing one. As for non-luxury car consumers, 35.7 percent of them responded the same, which isn’t a huge surprise considering the amount of hybrids and electrics available on the market to those buyers.

Truck buyers on the other hand, were the most averse to AFVs with 19.8 percent responding very or extremely unlikely to purchase one. They are also the least inclined to consider one with only 25.7 percent responding that they even look at an AFV while the shopping process.

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