2015 Kia K900 to Arrive With $60,400 Price Tag

2015 Kia K900 to Arrive With $60,400 Price Tag

Kia’s new luxury flagship will set you back by quite a few smackeroos: $60,400 to be exact.

Meant to compete as a less expensive alternative to German luxury brands, the K900 will arrive first with a V8 sending 420 hp to the rear wheels, followed by a less expensive six-cylinder version.

The car uses an eight speed automatic transmission and is expected to average 18 mpg when mated with the V8.

Standard equipment for the car includes front- and rear-facing cameras, 18-inch wheels, LEDs for the lamps at both ends and adaptive headlights, a 900-watt speaker system pumping from 17 locations in the cabin and heated and cooled front seats. Nappa leather upholstery is also standard along with a panoramic sunroof, real wood inserts and a heated steering wheel.

Standard safety and convenience technology includes parking sensors, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warnings and blind sport monitoring.

Another $6,000 brings something called the VIP package to add adaptive cruise control, reclining rear seats with heating, cooling and lumbar support, a 16-way adjustable driver’s seat, a surround-view parking monitor, head-up display, a customizable instrument cluster and soft-closing door latches.

With the K900, Kia is taking the same approach as Hyundai did with the Equus by offering simple packaging with a long list of standard features. Pricing for the V6 will be announced closer to its release date.

The company is also packaging the car with a three-year, 37,500-mile warranty. The program comes with free scheduled maintenance and owners will be given a K900 loaner vehicle while theirs is being serviced. That program is in addition to the brand’s usual 10-year, 100,000-mile new car warranty with roadside assistance.

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  • Aaron

    “…Less expensive alternative to german luxury brands”. How, exactly? At 60k, nothing is “less expensive” about it. Maybe at 40k, yes.

    And its still a kia. Part of the “luxury” associated with luxury cars is the name. Why pay 60k for a freaking Kia when you could pay the same for a similarly equipped BMW with way better engineering and driving fun factor? Doesnt make sense to me.

  • chavitz

    Great. Kia needs to perfect this car with gold wheels

  • Brian

    I wonder what ‘headed’ seats feel like? Doesn’t anyone review/edit copy before publishing anymore?

  • bd

    The K900 is a full-size V8 flagship sedan.

    A similarly equipped S Class goes for $100k.

  • Aaron

    Ummm…can you say bmw M3 starting at 60k?

  • Killa

    Ummm….can you say….this doesnt compete with an M3….this competes with the 7-series…

    Can you say….reading comprehension?

    Wait, this author doesnt know how to spell.

  • J Mac

    Yes… and the new S-Class is 7x the car this Japanese piece of crap is.

  • Dave Foley

    All I can say is “Canine-Hundred” and “????” Who’d name their prestige car like that?

  • Brutus Appenheimer

    At the end of the day its still a Kia…

  • Jay Mack

    Its Korean. Big difference buddy. Japanese engineering and German engineering are at equal levels.

  • Somnambulator

    “a similarly equipped BMW with way better engineering and driving fun factor” starts at $74,000 (740i).

  • Knew-D Mag

    Looks waaaaaay too much like the Optima. Dah-fuck were they thinking…???

  • It’s ME

    I was a brand snob and would have never thought about a Kia. Lifetime Toyota owner. I am the proud owner of an 2012 Optima EX after my boyfriend, a two time BMW owner, suggested I give it consideration. For all the nays I would say test drive one and stop judging from the side line. I happen to know several former BMW owners who have bit the Kia Optima bug with no regrets. We have been so conditioned that luxury only comes with a few brands. Expand your horizons folks you might be surprised to what you might stumble upon.

  • It’s ME

    P.S. The original name for this model was Quoris. I liked that much better than K900

  • cajunjeep

    From the article….”K900 will arrive first with a V8 sending 420 hp to the rear wheels”. So, if this K900 is 420hp to rear wheels, then it’s pushing damn near close to 500bhp?

  • Corey

    I’m in South Korea for the next two years and as an avid Kia owner and fan, the K9’s here (same as K900) are sooo nice. Massive vehicles nonetheless, but they own the road.

  • turnipweed

    After the initial rush, the 60K will probably drop to south of 55K. I’ll wait for the 6, hoping for something around 50K still having adequate power.