2015 Chevrolet Spark Spy Photos Show City Car Testing in Snow

2015 Chevrolet Spark Spy Photos Show City Car Testing in Snow

The 2015 Chevrolet Spark may have just hit the US market last year but the vehicle was globally unveiled back in 2009. These spy photos show that Chevrolet is looking to give the City-Car segment another shock with the introduction of the next generation Spark.

Details are scarce about this next-generation model, but we do know that the Spark is a priority over the slightly bigger Sonic. A success in both its US market segment and in European countries, these spy-photos show the Spark getting ready for a slight redesign, with an evolutionary design. The roof-line and belt-line both have an upward sloping direction, and the heavily camouflaged front end suggests that we’ll be seeing a different face on the Spark when it’s introduced.

GALLERY: 2015 Chevrolet Spark Spy Photos


  • MistyGreen

    Hooray!! They’re changing the headlights! No more will the Spark have the record of percentage of frontal area covered by plastic headlight housing. Goodness gracious, it was awful.