Bentley Mulls Compact Model for Expanded Lineup

Bentley Mulls Compact Model for Expanded Lineup

Is smaller better? Automakers worldwide are turning their attention to the compact market to observe just how viable it will be for years to come.

Even luxury automaker Bentley is considering adding a compact model to its lineup, according to Bentley’s sales and marketing head Kevin Rose. “It’s hard to be certain what the market will demand that far into the future,” Rose said in an interview with AutoCar magazine. “At the moment, our line of thinking is for a smaller car. But smaller doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper.”

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Bentley is looking to broaden its offerings in the years to come, including adding an SUV to its lineup and plug-in hybrid variants across the British automaker’s model range. If Bentley does move forward with a compact car project however, expect it to launch in 2019 at the soonest. And while it might be shocking to hear a luxury automaker such as Bentley considering a city car, let’s not forget Aston Martin went down that route with the Cygnet, albeit unsuccessfully.

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[Source: AutoCar]

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