Next Dodge Challenger Might Overpower the Viper V10

Next Dodge Challenger Might Overpower the Viper V10

The race to claim the highest horsepower rating has been alive and well in the world of muscle cars since the beginning, but it looks like Chrysler is facing an internal horsepower race. 

A new 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8 known as the Hellcat is being put together for the next-generation SRT-tuned Dodge Challenger, and it is creating debate within Chrysler because its horsepower rating may eclipse the 640 hp found in the flagship Viper’s naturally aspirated V10.

“We have a situation where, you know — we may have a situation — where the flagship car is not the most powerful car in our arsenal … how do we explain that to ourselves? So we have an internal horsepower race as well as an external one,” Ralph Gilles, CEO of SRT told Hot Rod. 

If the Hellcat wants to do battle with the Ford Mustang GT500’s 662 hp and the Chevy Camaro ZL1’s 580 hp, it will have to be very close to the stepping on the Viper’s toes.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Cory Ray

    Isn’t the V10 getting a bit dated? I don’t really keep up with it but, how much has it really changed in the last 20 years? I know power has gone up and displacement has gone from 80. to 8.4l but, isn’t it time for a ground-up redesign?

  • t

    Tell nissan that with their 3.5L engines which have been about the same forever.

  • Rickers

    Wow! It’ll have to be turbocharged or supercharged to make that much power.

  • Honest Abe

    Seriously. It’s HUGE for the rather low power numbers. It does make sh*t loads of torque though!

  • Cory Ray

    It’s an OHV pushrod engine. That’s what they do.
    640hp / 8.4l = 76hp/l
    Contrast with current OHV ‘vette:
    450hp / 6.2l = 72.5hp/l
    Not too bad but, still needs a revamp, IMHO

  • d

    It clearly says supercharged…

  • Rickers

    Apparently, I clearly don’t know how to read.

  • ralph

    Too Bad SRT will price the new HellCat out of the Ball Park.. expect close to 70k

  • JRA

    Why not Super Charge the v10?

  • Cory Ray

    800lb-ft or torque would be almost undriveable. The V10 is still ludicrous as it is with 600lb-ft. I suppose that’s the entire point of the Viper though.

  • Rickers

    Not if you limit torque in the first few gears. Mercedes does that.

  • mister moore

    Lol yall are funny.

  • Boyd Spooner

    I believe it’ll be more in the 60k range.

  • CudaPro

    Clearly I am wondering where the SRT Cuda is. This clearly has befuddled me. 🙂

  • Ffpm46

    Loos like I better start saving, 13 RT 6 SP and a Hell Cat, wow!

  • Comunsince

    The beautiful thing about the Viper is its’ potential. We love that it’s NOT a “me too”. Believe me, the market is flooded with the type of motors you are talking about. The Viper is the only one left, why drive it to extinction. The biggest problem the Viper is facing is that it cannot be tuned. It’s also hurt the SRT Jeep. The Viper motor can handle more HP reliable than any GTR, FGT, or Vette could ever dream of. It’s a platform for a bulletproof 2000hp motor. The only weakness is getting any transmission and rear end to handle the Viper’s torque. Go drive an 800HP Vette, and then hop in an 800HP Viper. The vette is patty cakes to drive compared to the Viper. The torque is what makes it such a death trap, but at the same time so exhilarating and rewarding to drive.

    Please keep the Viper naturally aspirated! We need 750NA HP with direct injection. Same or larger displacement. Then please give us the ACR we want with the GTS-R body work.

  • Rays

    what about the convertible they have promised year after year I’m buying a convertible this year not waiting any longer

  • Rickers

    I don’t think they ever said they’d build a convertible. Just a rumor. I wouldn’t count on ever seeing one.

  • Rays


  • dominic

    i say do it mustangs and camaros are kicking are butts right now i have a srt8 and have to put 7 to 15 racks into just to keep up… if viper people are up set about that than srt 8 brand is going no where fast i love my challenger i say do it

  • Rays

    i have a Challenger dealer packet with a challenger convertible several years algo

  • Bee

    What’s a rack?

  • Vic

    Plymouth made the Cuda, not dodge

  • JP

    Yeah plymouth did, but SRT who contracts for Dodge to make the SRT versions of production cars was going to make a Cuda concept.

  • racindan47

    The dilemma is easily resolved. Simply bolt a blower or a pair of turbos on the viper, tune it to 1000hp and let everyone else catch up over the course of the next few years. Simple by my logic.

  • Jose Pancho Pedraza

    Yeah but in the 70’s the challenger and cuda were built on the same platform making them sister cars and like JP said SRT was rumored to be replacing the challenger with a Cuda concept.