SRT Idling Viper Production Due to Sluggish Sales

SRT Idling Viper Production Due to Sluggish Sales

Chrysler is shutting down one of its plants for almost two months due to sluggish sales of its flagship sports car.

The SRT Viper’s sluggish sales have continued and as a result, 71 hourly workers at Chrysler’s Conner Avenue Assembly plant in Detroit will be laid off. The plant will be shut down beginning the week of April 14 with production resuming the week of June 23, the American automaker confirmed.

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A mere 91 Vipers have been sold through the first two months of 2014 and inventory supplies are at 756 vehicles unsold as of March 1. The 756 vehicles marks a 412-day supply, more than enough reason for Chrysler to shut down production of its sports car. Chrysler is not sweating the details however, stating that the SRT Viper has and always will be “a a hand-crafted American exotic car that is designed for a specific consumer that values performance, style and exclusivity.” As a result, the company’s ability to increase and decrease production at the plant helps keep the vehicles exclusive.

The SRT Viper has typically done poorly during the cold weather seasons and test drive teams will start their marketing push in the South over the winter and will expand north as warmer weather returns.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Jamie curry

    They need to focus on a mustang/camaro killer. The viper is so outdated and ugly, they need some Italian input. I know I said it, but the viper is for Neanderthals and the sales figures show it.

  • STI Turbo

    thats what makes it so fliping awesome, who in their right minds wants an 8.4 litre engine. its just cazy and that is its character, its always been the beast that wants to bite you and kill you. i love that chrysler still makes this car completely ignoring downsizing or mpg or pollution. its like a bid middle finger to rationality

    and the srt looks amazing (and im waiting to see it in person, hopefully someone imports one to spain)

  • Hajime Kishi

    EXPORT THIS. fans outside want this type of car, not those crappy avengers and darts.

  • Sri J

    Good idea. I wonder if there’s a big market for the Viper in the Middle East and Asia…