Top Viral News Stories of the Week

Top Viral News Stories of the Week

Each day, AutoGuide strives to report up-to-date automotive news but not all stories are created equal. Some just have a life of our own, especially on social media.

Shared heavily on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, here are our most viral news stories from the past seven days.

Ferrari Opening new Theme Park

Ferrari World is a theme park inspired by cars from the prancing horse brand, and now the number of locations is set to expand from one to two.

Top 10 Best Cities For Sports Car Owners

According to some basic statistics, it isn’t too hard to determine which cities are the best place to own a sports car.

Porsche Pockets $23,000 on Every Car Sold

Did you pay too much for your new Porsche? The answer, for anyone with a shiny new German sports car in their driveway, is yes.