MINI Paceman Pickup is Surprisingly Awesome

MINI Paceman Pickup is Surprisingly Awesome

Ever wondered what a MINI pickup truck would look like? Wonder no more.

The British automaker has unveiled a project that involved young apprentices and their instructors at the BMW plants in Munich and Dingolfing to create a completely unique vision for the MINI brand. The result is interesting to say the least, taking a Paceman and converting it into a pickup truck with two seats and all-wheel drive. Starting with a MINI Cooper S Paceman, the team modified the suspension and numerous features to make it a versatile machine we have yet to see from the brand.

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With 184 hp under the hood, the Paceman Adventure is suitable for driving on gravel roads, through muddy tracks or on desert trails. The passenger compartment now ends behind the front seats where the spacious cargo area for luggage, tools and equipment begins. There’s also a solid roof rack that can accommodate a spare wheel. Naturally, the chassis has been modified for extended ground clearance and the Paceman now sports much higher front and rear clearance ramps. Additional lights mounted on the front cross member help optimize visibility at night while special off-road tires help guarantee traction.

MINI confirmed that the Paceman Adventure is strictly a one-off and there are no plans for series production.

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  • Don B Cooper

    There was one on Dallas Craigslist that had been ‘chopped’ (custom made) for almost a year and they couldn’t give it away. Good luck on Mini Truck.