2015 Ford Mustang Weight Gain Explained

2015 Ford Mustang Weight Gain Explained

Just how much more will the 2015 Ford Mustang weigh compared to the fifth-generation model?

It has been reported that the all-new Mustang will weigh more than the previous model, thanks to the independent rear suspension and reinforced structure to help meet stricter roof-crush standards. Citing an anonymous inside source, Road & Track reports the 2015 Ford Mustang will be about 250 lbs heavier than the 2014 model year in GT Premium trim, which is the heaviest model that will be available. The base V6 model and the EcoBoost model will likely only be 50 to 70 lbs heavier while the base GT model will be 170 lbs more.

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The biggest question might be if Ford invested so heavily into the F-150 and aluminum use to shave weight, why didn’t the American automaker do the same with the Mustang? Simple. The F-150 sells so many units per year that the added costs in research and development was justified based on sheer volume. As popular as the Mustang may be, aluminum wouldn’t have been cost effective and would have driven the price higher.

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[Source: Road & Track]

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  • lowtan5773

    How about you check sources rather than regurgitating this garbage? What a weak company

  • twobitcoder

    Okay, so the Mustang weighs more. The title of this “article” says “…Weight Gain Explained”. So what’s the explanation?

  • laserred01

    First it was “2015 ford mustang to shed 400 lbs”. Now it’s “…gain 250lbs”. This better be rumor as I will not purchase a bloat-stang. 1990 GT weighed under 2900lbs. 2014 3600+. Yep, ford engineers hard at work with all this new and improved technology. No wonder they have to keep increasing HP numbers. Might as well just make it a 4 door too.

  • J Mac

    Past rumors were saying all kinds of things. This was just explaining the facts. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2014/06/2015-mustang-may-packed-pounds.html

  • As mentioned in the article, the independent rear suspension and reinforced roof structure seem to have caused the weight gain.