Aston Martin Rapide Getting the Axe?

Aston Martin Rapide Getting the Axe?

As Aston Martin busies itself developing a new platform to literally underpin its vehicles and figuratively support its future, the lifeline for its four-door model might be coming to a close.

Currently, the company plans to launch a new version of the DB9 in 2016 followed by a new Vantage in 2018 and finally a Vanquish a year after that. But according to AutoCar the brand isn’t so bullish on renewing the four-door Rapide. That car might only continue to exist until the new platform reaches production sometime before the DB9’s showroom arrival. Instead it will selling two-door models as part of its plan to get sales back on track.

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Aston Martin’s new business plan will see its cars being powered by a new 4.0-lter twin-turbo V8 built by Mercedes AMG. The same report suggests that once Ford stops producing the 6.0-liter V12 Aston currently uses, a mill with the same displacement and cylinder count could come from AMG as a substitute.

The new platform is said to be similar to the current VH architecture in design but composed of lighter, stiffer materials. It’s been 13 years since Aston Martin first sold VH-based vehicles and the brand is ostensibly digging itself in for another long haul with the upcoming platform. In order to make it viable in the long run, the company’s engineers are tweaking the structure to accommodate new engines and electrical structures from AMG.

Previously, the company considered diversifying its portfolio to include a crossover, but those plans are on hold for now. Instead, the manufacturer seems confident that it will be able achieve satisfactory sales with two-door models. But if the new cars prove to be a smash hit with the well-heeled car crowd, there always might be room for a Rapide revival.

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