Honda, Mercedes Have Best Perceived Quality: Poll

Honda, Mercedes Have Best Perceived Quality: Poll

Perception of a car brand is important to drive sales, and the majority of folks believe that Honda has the best quality among mass-market brands while Mercedes sits atop the luxury brands.

Industry analysts ALG polled 30,000 new car buyers, asking what they thought of every single mass market brand and luxury brand and then removed each respondent’s score for the brand from which they purchased.

ALG BPQAmong mass market brands, Honda sits atop the list followed by Toyota, Volkswagen, Subaru and GMC. On the other end, consumers believe that smart has the worst quality in the industry, while Fiat, Scion, Kia and Suzuki also sit on the bottom of the list.

“Many consumers lack any real experience with the brand, so there is often a gulf between perception and reality,” said ALG president Larry Dominique. “When deciding on a car purchase, consumers need to consider more than just build quality – they need to consider how the brand is perceived in the marketplace.”

Moving on to the expensive options, Mercedes-Benz is perceived to have the best quality, followed by Lexus, BMW, Porsche and Audi. As for the bottom of the list, Alfa Romeo has the worst perceived quality, probably because the Italian brand isn’t even on sale yet in North America and most buyers are unfamiliar with the company. Rounding out the bottom five from best to worst are Volvo, Lincoln, Land Rover and Tesla.

Among college-age respondents, both Volkswagen and Subaru fared quite well, while millennials believe that Jeep has the best quality.

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  • Richard Joash Tan

    why Tesla in the bottom 5?