2016 Acura NSX Burns to the Ground on the Nurburgring

2016 Acura NSX Burns to the Ground on the Nurburgring

Something went horribly wrong when Acura took the new NSX out for testing on the Nurburgring.

The company took its prototype mid-engined hybrid supercar out for testing at the famous German track this week and it didn’t go well. Word from our spy photographer is that the driver wasn’t harmed, but the same is – obviously – not true of the car. Honda is using its new twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission in tandem with a hybrid powertrain to propel the car. Two electric motors power the front wheels while a third electric motor works in the rear.

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That combination is expected to produce somewhere in the ballpark of 500 to 525 hp, although Acura hasn’t officially confirmed those numbers. A company spokesman wasn’t available to comment on the incident at the time this story was published.

Production of the new NSX is expected to begin in February, 2015 at Honda’s Marysville, Ohio facility.

Update: Honda representative Jessica Fini replied to an e-mail inquiry with the following statement.

“Acura can confirm that an NSX prototype experienced a fire today while testing at the Nurburgring. We make safety a top priority, and fortunately no injuries occurred. We are investigating the cause but as the vehicle is still under development, we’re not in a position to share details. While an incident like this is unfortunate, the development of the NSX continues its progress toward its highly anticipated launch.”

GALLERY: 2016 Acura NSX burned prototype


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  • Very concerned with this trend

    Quick, you have just a minute to decide if you want your next car to be made from steel or carbon fiber. We all need to know that carbon BURNS!!!!!!! and so do Lithium Ion batteries. In our zeal to develop automobiles with better gas mileage we have thrown safety out the window.

  • Realistic

    Gasoline burns too!

  • pant-on-fire

    ..and i’d never drive a car made of gasoline, either…

    now, Magnesium, there’s a hot car!

  • Teckler

    The Acura NSX Italia

  • Nick Papagiorgio

    Well back to the drawing board. See you in 2039.

  • nefarious eyebrow


    – every German ever

  • Ben Lutgens
  • Phil

    Oh gossip!! … It’s a concept car … Undergoing tests … You’d have a story if this was a production model …

  • smartacus

    Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  • Felix James

    I’m really not so sure that’s true. Bad news like this could hurt the car’s reputation and Honda already has issues right now.

  • Honest Abe

    So true. This is WHY they test… so the production cars are safe.

  • Rickers

    That would be a crazy ass fire. Maybe a Hydrogen car made of Magnesium…

  • MacDNaif

    ” made from steel or carbon fiber. We all need to know that carbon BURNS!!!!!!!”
    “Carbon burns” has got to be one of the more inane comments of the day. It’s a gazillion times less oxidizable than is……you got it, as well as did the poor occupants of the Twin Towers…..steel!
    The rest of your post is just as high quality.

  • Shiratori90

    Trolls will keep on trolling…….

  • Spaz

    Is this a Ferrari?

  • Never Mind

    German (and Italian) automakers are just so very happy that Honda tired of F1 rule machinations.

  • Gary

    Should be interesting to see how they spin this as the car goes into production in 6 months…

  • I hope Spaz is joking

    Are you retarded?