2016 Chevrolet Camaro Spied for the First Time

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Spied for the First Time

Chevrolet has been caught testing the next-generation Camaro.

Though it’s heavily camouflaged, the 2016 Camaro spy photos confirm earlier reports that the new Camaro will be evolutionary, not revolutionary.

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro will ride on the new, lighter Alpha chassis that underpins the new Cadillac ATS and CTS models. Expect the typical lineup of six- and eight-cylinder engines, but don’t be surprised if GM’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gets added as a base model engine.

Its appearance does look more aggressive and muscular, but that’s not the big surprise. The quad-tip exhaust setup seen in the photos along with large wheels and what appears to be vents on the hood hint that the American automaker is actually testing a high-performance variant and not the base model Camaro.

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It is likely that Chevrolet will follow in the footsteps of the Corvette Stingray, with an accelerated launch program for performance variants of the next-generation Camaro. This time around, Chevy didn’t waste much time between unveiling the standard Stingray and the high-performance Z06.

GALLERY: 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Spy Photos


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  • Rickers

    Will you be able to see out of the new one?

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    I worry GM will have to water down everything for fuel economy

  • Phil Davis

    That car and the ones they are replacing are “retro-look” cars instead of forward looking, advanced design cars that everyone else is putting out there…typical for Conservative GM…I will not be a buyer.

  • Fargone

    Looks like Chevy’s SOS. Likely to be plegged with electrical and sensor issues thw Vet & Caddy have suffered with for years. Hit 50,000 miles and the expect to pay the mechanic his monthly wages, on top of your note. Sad, very sad. GM should have been allowed to go bankrupt and earn it’s way back into the market with quality, not quantity.

  • Dene French

    Right hand drive…PLEASE………

  • ktmrider

    They will sell a crap load of these. Even if they go conservative with the new model. GM knows this. Look, I’m not a GM guy but the current Camaro is a winner and GM won’t want to screw that up. All the current platform needs is a diet, and as the other poster said “be able to see out of it” and it will still compete for the top sales spot against the new Mustang. Of course, more power out if the LS motor won’t hurt either. Evolution IMHO is probably the best bet for GM. The conservative approach has a worked for GM for a long time.

  • ktmrider

    Can’t agree with you more on the BK statement. Probably would have been better for GM in the long term. As far electrical issues, not sure I have never owned either car you mentioned.

  • martinj46319

    And here I thought they did file BK.

  • martinj46319

    Kinda like the cutting edge Mustang and Challenger?

  • martinj46319

    Looking forward is all that counts.

  • fargone

    U R Correct. They did “file” BK, but they did “go” BK.

    All due to cleaver lawyers and accountants using the loop
    holes in the bankruptcy laws to their advantage and then having the tax payer
    bail them out. GM split into two very separate parts before filing: “NewCo,” a
    new company with a clean balance sheet, taking on GM’s best brands and
    operations; and “OldCo, officially named Motors Liquidation, Inc.” the leftover
    GM with most of the liabilities. All of the operational restructuring to make
    the new company profitable would also occur before a bankruptcy filing so GM
    could go through bankruptcy in a matter of days–not months or years with
    creditors and other litigants fighting over the corporate carcass while the
    revenue line crashes.

    On June 1, 2009 General Motors filed for bankruptcy in
    New York, with $82 billion in assets and $173 billion in liabilities.

    New GM exited bankruptcy protection on July 10, 2009–in a
    mere 40 days.

    It was quite a genius plan and worked. I didn’t like the
    fact that they use tax payer money to gamble with… But what else is new.

  • fargone

    “didn’t” go BK…. Sorry

  • Mister Peanut

    It looks like it’s shaped like a foot. Complete opposite the bottle neck A – body. Deduction.

  • Mister Peanut

    And aside from when Cadillac did it in the 80’s, I really don’t care for the short trunk deck.