2015 Ford Mustang Already Recalled

2015 Ford Mustang Already Recalled

Ford announced its first recall of the sixth-generation Mustang today.

The company said the voluntary campaign will affect 53 vehicles that have a potentially defective seat belt buckle assembly. The buckle tension sensor in the recalled models might have been improperly calibrated by Ford’s supplier and could prevent the air bags from functioning as intended during a crash.

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Ford said it isn’t aware of any injuries related to the defect and that it plans to replace the passenger safety belt buckle through its dealer network at no charge to the handful of owners with affected cars.

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  • 2015 Scarlet

    What’s next then?
    FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily

  • The Shadow

    wow, is that the best you could come up with? fix/repair are synonyms, meaning the same damned thing. come up with something better.

  • johnls39 .


  • Ferrari

    Without Carroll Shelby, Ford american muscle from 2015 are shit cars.

  • protecthyself


  • Ryan

    53 vehicles… who cares? Its way better than GM’s Thousands.

  • Matt

    F@$ker Only Rolls Downhill

  • Gerald

    All car manufacturers have recalls… Whats the big deal? The bad thing would be for them to hide it.

  • Jay Simons

    Like GM did for all these years, till it finally all caught up to them and they are now paying the price…I am still bleeding Ford Blue.

  • Dillon

    I’m ford forever but the bullshit they pulled with the 5.4 triton was messed up, all manufacturers hide stuff.