Ferrari V-Twin Patent Hints at Future Motorcycles

Ferrari V-Twin Patent Hints at Future Motorcycles

Is Ferrari readying an engine for use in motorcycles?

According to submitted patent applications, Ferrari appears to be exploring the idea of developing a V-twin-engined motorcycle. The patent that the Italian automaker has filed covers the design of an “internal combustion engine having two cylinders, which are arranged in a ‘V’ configuration.” The patent also notes the vibrational forces in a V-twin engine and goes into detail on how the crankshaft could be balanced to negate those forces.

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Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will be taking over as Ferrari chairman and the idea of Ferrari manufacturing motorcycles is in line with Marchionne’s grand plan of capitalizing on the brand. It also makes sense for Ferrari to enter the motorcycle business considering Audi currently owns Ducati and the Italian motorcycle brand will be working with Lamborghini, Ferrari’s primary rival.

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  • smartacus

    Is it gonna be a flat-crank 1.125L 90 degree Vtwin?