US Courts Uphold Dismissal of Spyker Lawsuit

US Courts Uphold Dismissal of Spyker Lawsuit

General Motors is in the clear regarding Spyker’s lawsuit on the American automaker.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati has upheld the dismissal of a $3 billion lawsuit in which Spyker accused General Motors of interfering with its plan to sell Saab to a Chinese company. The federal appeals court said Spyker failed to show GM intentionally interfered with the company’s effort to sell the Swedish automaker to Zheijiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Co, which resulted in Saab’s bankruptcy.

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In 2010, GM sold its majority stake of Saab to Spyker and as part of the sale, the American automaker licensed Saab to build vehicles using GM’s intellectual property and retained a right to end the license if Saab was sold without its consent. The recent decision upheld a ruling from June 2013 by U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain in Flint, Michigan.

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[Source: Reuters]

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  • Robert

    I own a 94-x purchased in Oct. 2011 they said I had a Warranty. Saab filed Bankruptcy in Dec. 2011 then I had no Warranty. GM manufactured these vehicles in Mexico, only built about 600 of them, mine is 359 less then 35,000 miles. Both Left and Right Tail Light stopped
    working. No previous Saab Dealer can fix them and GM does not have replacement Tail Lights available. So I guess I am screwed. Do you think I would buy another GM vehicle? Not on your
    life. GM still owes the Taxpaying Citizens of this country 24 Billion Dollars that Geo. Bush jr. and Obama gave them to stay in business, they should have let the b##tards go Bankrupt.