Lexus RC Convertible Plans Ditched in Favor of Three-Row Crossover

Lexus RC Convertible Plans Ditched in Favor of Three-Row Crossover

Despite revealing the LF-C2 Convertible Concept at this week’s LA Auto Show, Lexus will reportedly not offer a convertible version of the RC.

Instead of producing an RC convertible, the plans for which were set in motion years ago, Lexus has instead begun working on a new three-row crossover. This is because, according to Motor Trend, when Lexus dealers found out that the brand was going to build a convertible RC before a three-row crossover they threw a fit.

Lexus dealers have been calling for a three-row version of the RX for years, as it is bound to sell well considering the RX is still the best-selling luxury crossover. The brand considered stretching the next-generation RX platform, but decided against it because the platform wasn’t meant to be expanded. Instead, Lexus will build a new three-row crossover based on the next-generation LS platform, which means it will be rear-wheel drive, helping it directly compete with the Mercedes GL, Audi Q7 and Infiniti QX80.

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Currently, Lexus offers the body-on-frame GX with three rows, but it simply doesn’t sell well. The new crossover is expected to debut as a 2018 model year, and it may even adopt the GX moniker.

GALLERY: Lexus LF-C2 Concept Live Photos


GALLERY: Lexus LF-C2 Concept


[Source: Motor Trend]

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  • Rocket

    I’d love to mock the decision, but honestly who can blame them? We all know crossovers are where the money is. Of course, you’d think a company with Toyota’s resources would easily be able to develop both vehicles.

  • whateverdude

    This decision actually pisses some people off(including me) as Lexus made the RC F heavier than it should have been for the drop top. So stupid. Now what’s the point then?