Mercedes Debuts ‘The Big Race’ Super Bowl Ad

Mercedes Debuts ‘The Big Race’ Super Bowl Ad

Mercedes has revealed its 2015 Super Bowl ad, highlighting the new AMG GT sports car. 

Launched on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the spot plays off the classic hare vs. tortoise race, except in this version, an AMG GT ruins the tortoise’s slow and steady plan.

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Many automakers are turning to popular TV shows to launch Super Bowl ads, which are now usually preceded by teaser videos and other buildup. “Marketers that approach the Super Bowl thinking it’s only about a television commercial are missing half of the purpose,” Drew Slaven, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz told Automotive News. “The other half lies with all of the buildup that goes into getting people tied to what it is you’re ultimately going to talk about inside that game.”

Super Bowl related content has already cracked 44 million views on YouTube through Jan.24, representing a 25 percent increase over 2014. This is driving automakers to stretch out their Super Bowl advertising campaigns beyond just one commercial that runs during the game.

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