Chrysler Closes Plant to Prepare for Next-Gen Minivan


Chrysler is shutting down one of its plants to prepare for its next-generation minivan.

The American automaker has revealed that it has stopped production on its current-generation Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan models so that its production plant in Windsor, Ontario can retool and get ready for production on its next-generation minivan. The plant will remain closed for 14 weeks and the company will spend $2 billion to update the facilities.

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It is expected that the Dodge Grand Caravan will get the axe and only the Chrysler Town & Country will live on when the plant reopens and the next-generation minivan model debuts. Considering that Chrysler is already shutting down its factory in preparation for the model’s production, it’s appearing more likely that the minivan will debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show. Regardless of when it is unveiled, the model will be arriving showrooms by the end of the year.

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  • mick

    NY Auto Show? We won’t see the van until the 2016 NAIAS and into the showrooms later on in 2016. The mules driving around right now are rough powertrain units with a lot of Durango parts making up the interior. She’s nowhere near ready.