Moving Violations Could Quadruple Your Insurance Costs

Moving Violations Could Quadruple Your Insurance Costs

A new study indicates that the average insurance rates can quadruple after a moving violation, depending on where you live. commissioned a Quadrant Information Services study. It shows one North Carolina resident’s insurance rates increasing 337 percent after a DUI, although the average increase wasn’t so dramatic. Auto insurance premiums see an average increase of 92.49 percent if you get a DUI. Another moving violation that can drastically increase your rate is reckless driving with the national average jumping 83.29 percent. The study analyzed the average national premium increase for one moving violation in 17 different categories and found that the premium increases significantly vary state-to-state.

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For example, getting a DUI in North Carolina will hike up an insurance premium by 337.14 percent while the same violation in Maryland only sees a 15.37-percent increase. Speeding 31+ mph over the limit results in a 103.42-percent increase in the state of Illinois while Missouri drivers only see their insurance going up 9.20 percent if they have a heavy right foot. Reckless driving is most costly in Hawaii, where insurance rates soar 286.69 percent but Alaska is a little more forgiving with only a 24.18-percent increase.

The moving violation that saw the lowest percent increase in the national average premium is not wearing a seat belt, which results in a 5.6-percent increase.

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    Women’s insurance rates are typically lower than men’s.
    So financially speaking; Bruce Jenner’s quadrupling insurance rates will be partially minimized when he becomes fully reassigned.