10 Sports Cars the Civic Type R Beat Around the Nürburgring

10 Sports Cars the Civic Type R Beat Around the Nürburgring

The Honda Civic Type R isn’t the world’s quickest vehicle. Heck, it can only power two wheels and they aren’t even the optimal ones for maximum acceleration.

Even so, the guys and gals at the big H have a serious performance machine on their hands. By now, you’re almost certainly familiar with the new Honda Civic Type R. It’s got a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-banger that produces 305 hp, all of which is routed to the front wheels. Of course engineers employed a long list of advanced technologies designed to minimize the disadvantages associated with this drivetrain layout.

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But how good will it actually be? Rather than reading about adaptive suspensions and sticky tires, get a load of the cars this hardest-core Civic beat around the Nürburgring by clocking a 7:50 lap time. Keep scrolling, you might be surprised …

It’s worth noting that the car that set the time isn’t technically a production car. Honda used a development car that was virtually the same as the production car, besides the lack of a front seat, air conditioning and audio equipment. Additionally, Honda added a roll cage that was there for safety reasons and not to add rigidity.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: E46 BMW M3 CSL, 997 Porsche Carrera S


After all, the new Civic Type R equals the performance of some serious machines. How serious? Well, it clocked a trip around the Green Hell in the same time as BMW’s legendary E46 M3 CSL, a car that many viewed in its heyday as the pinnacle of BMW performance. And if that isn’t enough meat with your potatoes, get this: 7:50 is also quick enough to tie the 997 generation Porsche Carrera S. That’s right boys and girls, the new Civic is good enough to hang with some of Stuttgart’s best as you’ll soon see.

10. Porsche Panamera Turbo


But the truth is that tie-games are awful; nobody likes them. That’s why we have overtime, shootouts and deflated footballs.

Second place is just the first loser and in this case it’s the Porsche Panamera Turbo, or as I like to think of it, the vehicular “mom jeans” for people who live in Miami Beach.

 9. 996 Generation Porsche 911 Turbo


Astoundingly that’s not the only Porsche product on this list. In fact, there are three, of which two are from the 911 family. The next one to fall before Honda’s new tuned-up special is the 996 generation 911 Turbo. Here’s the funny thing about this car relative to the Civic Type R: you can probably find one of these in decent shape for less money.

8. C5 Chevrolet Corvette Z06


And if you can’t find the aforementioned Porsche at a discount to the world’s Earth Dreamiest Honda hatchback, there are certainly no fewer than 247 middle-aged men on AutoTrader who are willing to sell you their C5 Z06 from roughly $42,000 (which is still probably less than a new Type R) down to one guy named Earl who is willing to part with his for just 20 grand, though he has offered to lower that price even further if you have a Harley to throw into the mix. Apparently he has gambling debts and is behind on child support. We also suspect he has an intravenous drug addiction but we cannot confirm this.

7. Ferrari F430 F1 gearbox


The next vehicle on this list is significantly less plentiful and considerably more expensive. That’s right, a front-wheel-drive Honda economy car just bettered the Nürburgring performance of a Ferrari F430. My how times have changed.

6. Caterham R500 Superlight


It’s impossible to dislike Caterham products. Go ahead, try. What’s that? Stop lying.

Anyway, the Caterham R500 Superlight clocked a 7:55 lap time, a figure that does not include how long it took to pick all the bugs out of the driver’s teeth following this blistering performance. The R500 is less of a car and more of an incredible toy. It uses a Ford-sourced 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that only makes 263 HP but here’s the thing, it doesn’t need more than that. The R500 Superlight only weighs 1,100 lbs, which means from a power-to-weight standpoint this thing is absolutely ludicrous.

5. Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R


Basically the story behind this car is that Renault (France) doesn’t think very much of Seat (Spain) so it did not sit well with them that the Leon Cupra 280 was lapping the ‘Ring in 7:58.

Several dozen hand-rolled cigarettes later, Renault announced that it had a new high-performance front-driver. It weighed less than the Megane Trophy, had stickier tires, a pricier suspension and one more thing, a faster lap than posted by those dastardly Spaniards. The only trouble is this beast was A LOT of work to build so they only made 250, then probably went on strike or something. Maybe it was lunchtime. Certainly there was some wine involved …

4. 997 Porsche 911 Turbo


Well, we haven’t discussed Porsche in a few hundred words so why not take another crack at ‘em? The 997 911 Turbo conveniently clocked a 7:54 lap time. That’s pretty darn good, but hardly enough to best Honda’s latest Civic-on-steroids, a car that’s essentially wearing suction cups for tires, a key reason for its blistering performance.

Editor’s note: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires don’t actually have suction cups. Yes they are awesome, but please don’t try driving upside-down with them. It won’t end well.

3. Nissan GT-R


Speaking of turbocharged six-cylinder, all-wheel-drive performance cars that cost an arm and a leg to own, the Nissan GT-R is, according to most people who comment on automotive Websites, the greatest vehicle of all time. It can beat anything around the Nürburgring in reverse.

Of course, it is capable of achieving this by using turbochargers, four-corner grip and 30 pounds of fairy dust that generates 1 billion newton meters of awesome power-torque.

Actually, the original R35 GT-R lapped the Nordschleife in 7 minutes 54 seconds.  Of course, subsequent versions of this car boast significantly better times than the original, but the point is that a damn Civic is capable of outshining a car you and I have both spent many lustful hours — *ahem* — thinking about.

2. Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG


Then there’s the Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG. Only 180 of these cars saw the light of day over the course of a single production year.

Inspired by the DTM race cars of the day it made 582 hp from a 5.4L supercharged V8, enabling a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph!

1. Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4


Believe it or not (you don’t have to listen to what we’re saying) there’s a stock Honda Civic that’s quicker than the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. Yes, you read that correctly. With fewer than half the cylinders and engine displacement, not to mention only 50 percent of the driven wheels, Honda’s new boy-racer has enough gumption to give the Gallardo an old-fashioned shellacking. Who knew? Master carpenter Norm Abram would be proud of this finish.

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Lap time
7:50 2016 Honda Civic Type R Benchmark
7:50 BMW M3 CSL Tied
7:50 2009 Porsche 911 Carerra S Tied
7:52 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Beat!
7:54 Mercedes CLK DTM AMG Beat!
7:54 Nissan GT-R Beat!
7:54 997 Porsche 911 Turbo Beat!
7:54 (.36) Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R Beat!
7:55 Caterham R500 Superlight Beat!
7:55 Ferrari F430 F1 Beat!
7:56 C5 Corvette Z06 Beat!
7:56 996 generation Porsche 911 Turbo Beat!
7:56 Porsche Panamera Turbo Beat!
  • smartacus

    yeah that C5 Z06 was not that big a deal when I track tested it 10 yearz ago, so not surprised there. But to tie the Caterham superlight is kind of a big deal (bigger deal than beating the GTR).
    -Interesting the 09 911 S beat the 996 -and- 997 911T’s
    *now the rub: 305HP 2.0T is only 34 HP more than in the 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T; what’s their secret?

  • Kakeyoro

    I can assume, weight, gearing/transmission, aero, suspension, tires.

  • mas921

    I would say load transfer balance!

    all the more powerful cars are bogged down (hence slower) because they cannot use all of their power because they would just slip!

    slippage, comes from non-optimal load on tires, too much or to little leads to less grip.

    load on tires is governed by many aspects (torque, hence gear ratios. weight, aero, tires themselves..etc.) but its much easier to think about if you just focus on optimizing the load transfer.

    You can guess that it also relies on the track itself! am very curious to see how the new TypeR runs in other tracks like Silverstone to Tsukuba.

    *btw, load transfer is widely mislabeled as “weight transfer”.

    **TL;DR : Suspension setup!

  • platanus

    records are meant to be broken with the advancement of “tires”
    that is all, we’ll really compare all of them properly when they are all running controlled tires, until then you might as well say the latest street legal semi-slick the Civic has on is better than just the sporty summer tires the older vehicles were running

  • Brent

    The first gtr (2009) set a 7:29 lap time. Not a 7:55. So that claim is bs. The gtr annihilates the civic

  • IAn

    what a silly article. Why pick out a series of older cars that would beat the civic year for year, and say it’s better than them.
    If you have to resort to comparing it to old cars to prove a car is fast… It’s clearly not that fast

    Plus he gtr speed you put was wrong.

  • titsnmore

    Your basing your entire argument on tires? Gtfo..smh

  • Shiratori90

    So much butthurt in this comment…..

  • Shiratori90

    Talk about a weak argument……

  • itsme

    I 100% agree. What you haters are failing to get is the fact that Honda produced a CIVIC that was able to put down a better time than some very fast and iconic cars. Stop the hating it just makes you look ignorant….

  • itsme

    Also I was referring to the people using retarded attempt to discredit what Honda has been able to achieve with a CIVIC shiratori90 and agreeing my with you on the butt hurt we are reading haha

  • obi1knobbly

    Megane 275 r old?

  • Sid

    We’re missing the big picture!!! Less money was spent on the Type R than all the others! lol but My first choice of engine set-up with a lighter, earlier gen chassis.

  • platanus

    yes, because until someone decided to put on tires of the same grade on all the “slower” cars mentioned here and test them again, the whole discussion here is pointless, talks about suspension setup, aerodynamics, better engine characteristic can all come after that, there’s a reason a lot of time attack racing events run control tires

    truth is the Nurburgring time is just a marketing tool, there’s really no need to compare the times this thoroughly

  • Serge Berlina

    The GTR’s time was bs. They had a flying start, and time where they start and the time they finish the lap(before he even made the turn) is diffrent. plus he had r-comps not street tires.

    When I saw that pic of GTR in this article, I’m like surely there will be a but hurt GTR owner that probably doesn’t even own a car. And here you are getting but hurt over a honda civic that cost half the price.. 🙂

  • Tobiman

    The Nissan GTR’s 7:54 time was a claim by Porsche with zero video proof.

  • Mick

    Even if those cars aren’t as new as the Civic it’s still impressive.

  • Mick

    Great but make the Civic a coupe or lift back/hatch here in North America.

  • Phil

    speaking of silly arguments .. its not like the articles refers to cars made in the 70s …

    if you are not impressed that a honda civic can beat a ferrari and/or a porsche around a very technical track … than clearly nothing will ever be good enough for ya.

    honda fan or not; its a noteworthy accomplishment

  • Thomas Peabody

    I’m just going to say, tires are not a factor here. If these tests are conducted to show what a stock car can do, then they should ALL be using the tires they come with, from the factory. NOT all using the same tires. To show what they are capable of off the showroom floor, they shouldn’t be using any techniques to “even the playing field”. Manufacturers choose the best tires for the application of the vehicle, whether that be for cost, or performance. It’s the manufacturers decision. Tires are a moot argument, and a weak one if you’re trying to discredit what this civic has done.

  • Thomas Peabody

    Also, lower hp numbers are more easily controlled on street tires than the “supercars”, so if there’s any reason why the supercars couldn’t keep up, it’s because they HAVE to slow down for the cornering and limit themselves just to make it around the track. If this was a straight line, there would be no question that the civic would most likely be at the bottom of this list. No one is saying that the civic is the fastest car on this list, it’s just the fastest (they claim) to have made it around THIS course.

  • pughteighttoe

    I was about to say GTR is so much more than a Honda ever will be

  • j-wa

    civics are decent cars too bad the people who drive them arent…some stupid swag outfit with douche sunglasses , a set of cheap rims, air intake and fart can.. then bam you think your vin diesel

  • Tim

    Funny how some like to pick and choose times. The 2009 GT-R had a time of 7:26.70. I’m sure if any car manufacturer saw their car with a wrong time, they would chime in, so it’s not Butt Hurt GT-R fan boys. Until this “Civic” can beat 7:26.70 the GT-R should be taken off this list. Bottom line.

  • Whatever !

    WHo cares about Honda, BMW and the RWD all the way ! 🙂

  • Whatever !

    To add: so this is the project where all the F1 Honda engineers have gone, instead of working on their F1 engine lol

  • Gofuckyourself

    U dumb shit. Read it again. Clearly stated early model GTR. Don’t have a fit buddy lol

  • Tim

    You are the Dumb shit, if you even knew what you were talking about, you would know the time I posted was from a 2009 GT-R.

  • DAoG

    Just one word: NSX

  • kiloside

    Lollol as if all the authors writing on this has forgotten bout all the old civics. This thing came out 8 years after the new gtr, old porsches, lambo, ferraris etc. So you wanna compare, dont mislead people and be a pussy. The r35 still mauls the type r to pieces. No doubt its a good car but ahem ahem, they are comparing a youth with grandfather cars. Shame on the authors

  • concept_tu_al

    Yea and I can say the gtr fucks shit out of nsx though it came out 5 years later and costs lesser. You typical honda fans don’t have any sense of progress, so many examples and you matched the weakest records. Type r is a good car ruined by your peasantry

  • Get it straight

    GTR first hit the U.S. soil in june 2008… And has been constantly tweaked and tuned every since…

  • Evo-Z

    a civic still a civic, it might be as fast but it will never set any statement in real life. unless your life is all about the race track, then a civic type R will not bring you anywhere anyway. for a teenager is a good car, but we will all grow up someday.

  • Tim

    Oh I have it straight. Doesn’t matter when it hit the soil, it came to the US as the 2009 model year. Point is that when Nissan did the Ring in its new GTR it was the 2009 model, and a beat this civic.

  • bruno

    Haters will always hate! Even more when they pay a lot and see their beloved investment got beaten by a Civic. Lol

  • amigo787



  • Faisal Hassan

    It’s one track, one record. I won’t argue the nurburgring isn’t a staple of performance but I will say the 99% of Civic Type R owners will likely not be driving on the ring in their lifetimes as well as having the skill or ability that this driver did it with. With that being said, all those cars that are supposedly “slower” or of “lesser” performance would dominate the Type R in a straight line or any real world road test which would encompass overall quality which is where this car is likely to be driven. Ultimately the formula hasn’t changed, the Type R has always been a FWD car that performs well but it still plagued by the limitation in it’s chassis. Furthermore, everyone of us will rather drive what else is on that list anyway. It’s 0-60 time just proves it’s limitation, I’m tired of the BS no traction in 1st/2nd, I’d rather Honda invest in mass producing a RWD platform instead of trying to work around the limitations of the FWD chassis.

  • disqus_EBclYzQDil

    Well you can’t compare that civic laptime with those ACTUAL Production Cars. Because the civic is actually some kind of a race car with WEIGHT SAVINGS and a ROLL CAGE on. That’s why it wasn’t included on the official list YET. So that makes the Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R still the fastest FWD among production cars. And that GTR 7:54 time was Porsche conducted… duh???
    The lap vid is all about marketing guys. 😉

  • disqus_EBclYzQDil

    Agree nowadays articles about this “unofficial” civic time has been targeting sportcars. And what better target than the GTR right? 😉 The type r has a ROLL CAGE for Pete’s sake and you compare it to factory production cars??? woooow… Will the civic be sold w/o stereo and roll cage equipped? lmao xD

  • Mike Smith

    relax hater faggot!

  • Mike Smith

    faster than your car faggot

  • Mike Smith

    and a gun to shoot you and your family with faggot

  • Mike Smith

    dont get your panties in a bunch you nissan hating cry baby! broke ass faggot!

  • Mike Smith

    wrong faggot

  • KnoKnees

    Perhaps you need to relax a little bit Mike. At least temporarily until someone can pry the Civic Butt-plug from your most southward orifice. There is always something to be said about one’s favorite type/style/design of vehicle. To each their own.

  • Synth

    Not sure what your point is here? The article literally just goes through the 10 next slowest times, there was no picking and choosing and they quite clearly stated the GT-R has had other much faster times since the original one.

  • guest01

    I really like the NSX, but lets be honest here. Performance wise, it’s got nothing on the GTR.

  • guest01

    I agree, except the car wasn’t stock, so…?

  • DAoG

    We don’t know how the new NSX will perform. The old NSX beat the R32.

  • rotato1

    I would like to see it against the Mercedes cla45 AMG …………..

  • Conor SB

    those were probably bad laps of the other cars, because i know it cannot beat a gallardo or a nissan gtr or a 996 or 997 turbo or a F430 good laps

  • Dobies

    That’s true – we are no longer teenagers… and that’s why we can afford the Type R! Seems like it’ll be a good buy

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    For it to even be in the same conversation is astonishing.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    Cannot save much weight sporting a roll cage.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    New NSX is going to make the GT-R tuck its tail between its legs; FACT
    Just wait until the second generation NSX. The NSX will evolve more in two years than the GT-R has in 6.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    That is the beauty of Honda engineering philosophy,, and the legend of Sochiro Honda. It is what dreams re made of. Dreams are for you and me, not some hotshot F1 clown. Honda is breaking the rules and is going to make history.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    Secret: Honda is more honest about HP ratings, or maybe they report it lean, if not.

  • THE Roen

    What’s more interesting to see though, what a car can do from the showroom or what the actual potential of the car’s chassis and powertrain is?

    For me it’s the latter; if one car is faster only because of the tire the manufacturer puts on (read: any test that the manufacturer puts on r-compounds) than another, and the second car is faster if it puts on the same car the first one uses, then to say the first car is faster stock than the second one doesn’t really say much about the car’s actual performance.
    Stock is overrated anyway, it’s just an arbitrary level of performance that the manufacturer selects. I want to know what the car can do after it gets built properly.

  • Yawn…its a civic

  • Vin

    Did you not read the article? It states specifically which generation and years those other cars were. They even straight out say that every subsequent GTR is faster. Where was the misleading?

  • npunchbuggy

    It’s no surprise, it’s a type R? With technology jumping by leaps and bounds a fwd platform has just Re-solidified itself in the sport- compact realm!

  • Tim Burton

    Cages add rigidity though, unless they went to the effort of isolating it on bushes.

  • Tim Burton

    Agreed, it’s only fwd as it’s based on a shopping car. Of they had a genuine sports car like bringing back the s2000 that’d be cool

  • Eric

    If the Civic R had the same 275 Trophy treatment, it would be going 2-5 secs even faster than its own record.

  • razor77

    Nissan GT-R best 7:18 recorded in October 2012

  • Michael Palladino

    The 7:54 time for the GT-R isn’t the legitimate time. Its the Porsche conducted test after Porsche threw a hissy fit that a Nissan was faster than the 911 turbo. Of course they were going to be slower than their own car. The actual time for the ORIGINAL GT-R is 7:26. The Civic Type R never was and never will be faster around the ring than ANY R35 GT-R

  • Michael Palladino

    Yawn…so, where is it?

  • jv03h

    If it takes a car to make your statement, then you are for sure a 911 owner. For the rest of us who buy for driving metrics, this is a sweet ride. Have fun at the golf course.

  • Q

    oh yeah?its not even a stock type R..its got roolcage on means stiffer chasis,plus sticky tires..so long for ‘production’ car..

  • Emperor_of_Night

    The Type R is also the fastest four-cylinder car at that track, beating the Caterham Seven R500 Superlight and the Renault Mègane Trophy RS (both mentioned in this list) but also the rear-wheel drive, dual-clutch Alfa Romeo 4C. If you wonder which four-cylinder, real-wheel drive with manual transmission is the fastest at the Nürburgring (other than the Caterham) is the Lotus Exige.

  • Mick

    The roll cage is there for safety, in theory is adds weight over the production car. Also the tires are ones on the production car.

  • Mick

    In general that is a good time for a FWD car. Not everyone can afford a GT-R, Porsche, Lambo or other high 6 to over 6 figure cars. For what it is, it’s great

  • Random Person

    What Tim has said and repeated is that the Original GT-R time by Nissan was 7:26 and the 7:54 time was set by Porsche driving the GT-R.

  • Youreanidiot

    You say fact. Where’s the evidence? Idiot.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    I’ve got your evidence right here, beeoch.

  • AngelofSpeed Type R

    This post is trash, I love Honda’s but this guy needs to kill himself

  • entertainedbyidiots

    www dot roadandtrack dotcom/motorsports/news/a29538/honda-civic-type-r-lap-records/

    basically, stock.

    funny how people missed the entire point of this, which is that it’s pretty impressive a fwd civic lap time can even be included in the same group that includes much higher end cars. ha ha, always with the haters….

  • Too bad the new NSX, much like Half Life 3, will never live up to its predecessors.

  • Dave

    VW Golf GTI Clubsport S is 3 seconds faster – fastest FWD lap of the Ring.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    My friend loaned his Accord to me. Car is tight. Love Hondas

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    I have seen it beat the GTR on two short road courses and in a drag race.

  • DimVaq

    from the logical and just understand that the page has the a JDM guy or a lawn mower lover 😉

  • Zachary Collins


  • Senrab Nala

    grow up kid

  • James Villian

    and now… it’s not. Looks like type R is 5.5 seconds faster than that.

  • Xrism

    Dude, the civic is not beating ANY OF THOSE CARS ON A TRACK ON THE STREET, IN A DRAG RACE. NONE. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.