Subaru BRZ STI Coming to US


Subaru plans to bring a specially tuned BRZ to the United States. 

Speaking with Automotive News, Subaru U.S. spokesman Michael McHale said that an STI version of the BRZ is coming to the States in “a couple years.” The car may not be billed as a standard STI model according to McHale, who says it might be a “tuned by STI” edition.

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The recent STI Concept shown in New York (pictured) previews what we might see from a more hardcore BRZ, including a full body kit and a turbocharged 350-HP engine. Of course, suspension tuning and handling are upgraded on the car as well.

Subaru is looking to enhance the STI brand around the world. In the U.S., STI sells more full car packages than anywhere else in the world, even though the company only offers one car, the WRX STI. The brand also plans to phase out the Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) arm which will be replaced by STI.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Billy Cypher

    Not a fan of the park bench on the trunk lid.

  • smartacus

    as soon as it lands; you will see craigslist postings across the fruited plain for used 2011 Scion FR-S special STi Editions… with primer paintjobs :p

  • Disqus11111

    in ‘a couple of years …” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Mike

    I’d have to agree.

  • ” The car may not be billed as standard STI model according to McHale, who says it might be a “tuned by STI” edition.” …Why? Its like pulling teeth with you people.


    I will believe it when i see it..Concepts and road cars are never the same thing.

  • Mark S

    Not expecting them to offer the turbo, but some incremental increase in power, especially torque would be good. No point in a huge push bar if you are not making the power in the first place.

  • timothyhood

    Hopefully, there will be a “spoiler delete” option. Or, better yet, a “do not install” option so there are no holes in the trunk lid, yet we can sell that aircraft carrier to the regular BRZ owners for a tidy sum.

  • Camilo Poblete

    Why even hold your breath. They are gonna bump it up 25HP and change the suspension and call it a day. It will be the most watered down STi product ever. Why are Subaru and Toyota such scared little panzies?

  • Mark S

    It is a great car as is, but a little more torque would be nice. Heck the WRX to STI difference is only 37hp. I think both STI and TRD can help the FR-S and BRZ, but somehow they are not able to get the Miata like following going – the cars need more support and confirmation they will do a real 2nd Gen. Until then, it is a great forum fodder.

  • Mark S

    Swap your lid with a non STI owner (I would do the same with a push bar lid on an STI (which looks worse in my humble opinion).

  • GTfrank

    Subaru does not want to take sales from the more profitable WRX,STI. So many Subaru people own both the BRZ and the WRX. A high power BRZ will take more sales from the WRX than any other company. At least that is Subaru’s fear. Toyota does not want a Scion to be faster then the $35,000 Is. The FRS already handles better.

  • GTfrank

    For me to trade out of my BRZ. I want 150 pounds less weight and 20 more hp up top in the rev range. Torque is not an issue in a 2750 pound car. never mind a 2600 pound one.

    I have zero interest in a 350 hp $40,000 3100 pound BRZ. I will pay 30 grand for a slightly more powerful lighter BRZ.

  • GTfrank

    For me to trade out of my BRZ. I want 100 pounds less weight and 20 more hp up top in the rev range. Fix the dip in the power band at 4000 rpm! Torque is not an issue in a 2750 pound car. Never mind a 2650 pound one.

    I have zero interest in a 350 hp $40,000 3100 pound BRZ. I will pay 30 grand for a slightly more powerful lighter BRZ.

  • GTfrank

    No such thing as a 2011 FRS.

  • XtremeMaC

    They should at least offer the exterior visual parts or work with an aftermarket supplier to release those. Even though there are many companies out there, the STI touches somehow are more appealing than those already offered…

  • Mark S

    Hi, the only reason I look for more torque is when I was on the freeway, just nothing under foot. I know, I drop down and all is okay, but that is me and I have no acceleration entitlement issues, I like rowing my own gears; not sure your average US driver thinks like that (though u could say, why would the average driver buy this kind of car). That said, I prefer the low rpm cruising speed of the BRZ than the high RPM that is required in the Miata to cruise the same speed.

    I tried to do the math over all time for the Miata, they claimed that on the 25th anniversary they had sold 920,000 plus cars, which averages @ 3000 a month. Of course sales per NA, NB and NC would tell a story as do as sales at the end of the cycle. Anyone happy with NC, would get a good deal if they want one now and maybe some dealers wonder how they will move those NC’s in stock as the ND is launched. Like the BRZ/FRS they sold well at the start and now they are going through the cycle phases, just hope a 2.0 is possible.

  • Sunny Garofalo

    I daily drive a modded one it’s not that hard to bump power staying NA, but you’ll be paying $100/hp with labor.

    Full exhaust (headers all the way to exhaust tips)
    Both catalytic converters
    ECUTek tune

    I’m at 197hp/156tq at the wheels with no torque dip and I unlocked the distinctly flat four Subie sound for the last 14,xxx miles.

  • smartacus

    You did notice I also wrote FR-S special STi Edition with the V6

  • GTfrank

    Highway torque is fine below 80 mph in top gear. You can pass without down shifting. There is good pick up. At between 80 to 90 mph there is that dip at 4000 rpm I was talking about. If you want power at that speed you have to downshift so you can move past that dip between 3500 and 4500 rpm. Buy 4700 rpm there is a torque peak you can feel it as you pass that point.

  • Mark S

    I only did a test a drive and this is your daily driver, so I fair do’s. On my test drive though (second longest I have ever been granted), we had a good run round a local canyon, I mean the steering and placement of the car awesome and fun. It was the cruise back down the 101, that I found the pick up seemed slow – that said, at the time my daily was a GTI with a 2.0t and that picked up low down, so maybe it was change out. All that said, even with my perceived torque issue, I would still get an FR-S if I could, that was great car down a twisty which is my favorite place to drive – it was light and easy to place.

  • tondelayo

    I thought it was a picnic table…

  • Nella Nodnarb

    Subaru isn’t “scared”, it’s part of the joint deal with Toyota. Since Toyota has signed a longer-term joint performance development deal with BMW yet still holds the reigns on the BRZ line-up they’ve prevented Subaru from releasing more powerful versions of the BRZ because it would cut into the Toyota FR-S/GT86 sales.

    The reason Subaru is waiting “A couple years” is because that’s when the deal with Toyota expires and Subaru will be making the car on their own.

  • Nella Nodnarb

    Not Subaru’s fault, it’s because they have to wait for the Joint production deal with Toyota to expire for them to release special editions. Toyota has signed a long-term joint production/development deal with BMW that will replace the deal with Subaru yet Toyota still holds the requirement for Subaru BRZ production and sales to be less than theirs. Had that deal not existed, Subaru would have had an STI version of the car years ago.

  • Nella Nodnarb

    Guys, Subaru has had to wait to release special BRZ’s because of the joint deal with Toyota. Toyota signed a long-term agreement with BMW for jointly developed production cars after the BRZ/FR-S was released which killed the convertible, turbo and supercharged variants they had ‘planned’ at the beginning. Now Subaru has to wait for their deal with Toyota to completely expire in 2017 before they can do what they want with the car.

    The end.

  • Mark S

    Toyota has signed up with BMW for a more powerful sports car, but sounds like it will cost a lot more than a GT86, so does not mean they cannot run both at the same time. They also have a deal with Mazda for small cars -no reason why they have multiple joint projects going at the same time. Stories of slight power boosts to the GT86 and today talk of an even smaller GT86 variant are being peddled around, but hopefully the GT86 will live on in some form.

  • LeviMcDo

    I thought the stock is 200 hp w/ 151lb/ft of torque. So you’re saying you got all that stuff for 5 foot pounds more tq and even less hp?

  • Sunny Garofalo

    You missed the at the wheels comment, I think.

  • Mark S

    Mind sharing what brands you went with for the mod and what tune you are using. Have been following the Winding Roads BRZ project car, they seems happy with a Stage 1 91 program. I think they got Corsa cat back, but not sure that they changed the headers (sounds $!).