Subaru Boss Says BRZ Needs ‘More Performance’


Even the president of Subaru admits the BRZ needs a little more power.

Speaking to Autoline TV, president and COO Subaru of America, Tom Doll, shared his thoughts on the Subaru BRZ sports car and what may lie in its future.

“There’s a place for the BRZ in our product lineup,” said Doll. “We may have to do some things to it to enhance the driving performance a little more; take it up a little bit. Because I think that’s one of the learnings we’ve seen out of that vehicle, if it had a little bit more performance to it, it could really take up the sales level even more.” Doll admits that the future of the BRZ and a second generation of the car depends on Subaru’s relationship with Toyota.

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The bigger question is what the Japanese automaker defines as “performance,” whether that’s horsepower under the hood of the car, or suspension enhancements that further improve the handling of the Subaru BRZ. If it’s the latter, enthusiasts might be disappointed to see the Subaru BRZ STI come to U.S., as it packs plenty of STI products, none of which improve engine performance.

[Source: Autoline]

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  • Eric Cameron

    He definitely chose his words carefully. If it comes with a turbo, I’d be surprised.

  • Rick Nalven

    Add a turbo, wheels, and suspension $40K. WRX STI 40K. That’s the problem.

  • GTfrank

    20 more N/A hp and eliminate the 4000 rpm power dip. I am good. Matter of fact just get rid of the dip.

  • Mike

    Whether or not Subaru continues its relationship with Toyota?!?! Haha Toyota is the largest owner of Subaru. Toyota is the boss. And btw, most of this car has been made by Subaru, and the reliability ratings has been horrid. Sounds like Subaru needs all the help it can get from Toyota.


  • smartacus

    Maybe Fubar-u should rebadge a Miata

  • Khalid Ansari

    If it that’s how it is gonna look I won’t even be mad if it doesn’t have any power enhancement. Leave the engine mods to me then. There must be at least one really good supercharger if not turbo kits out there. Just replace some stock internals with forged and you are good to go. Isn’t gonna be cheap though. When you think about it you may find other cars at that price point that are better.