2016 Cadillac XT5 Shows up Undisguised

2016 Cadillac XT5 Shows up Undisguised

The replacement for the Cadillac SRX has been spotted completely undisguised.

While it’s pretty rare to catch a car wearing no camouflage ahead of its debut like this, Jalopnik Oppositelock user saw390 was roaming the streets of Manhattan when they came across the American automaker doing a photoshoot for the new crossover. The 2016 Cadillac XT5 will be built on the company’s C1XX platform and rumor has it that it’ll be available with two different wheelbases. Receiving the same design cues as the new CT6, the XT5’s style resembles current ATS and CTS models as well as Cadillac looks to inject its lineup with a more consistent design language.

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The 2016 Cadillac XT5 will be powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine that could be mated to GM’s nine-speed automatic transmission. A hybrid model is also rumored to join the lineup in the future.

Given that the company is already conducting a photoshoot for the 2016 Cadillac XT5 and wasn’t being extra careful to make sure it wouldn’t get caught on camera, it’s likely that it’ll be making its debut rather soon. Look for it to at least be on display at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.

[Source: Oppositelock]

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  • mammocad .

    More garbage from GM. What happened to real Cadillacs like devilles with 8 cylinder engines? This newer stuff especially the xts and ats should say Chevy on it.

  • sailirish7

    I have a CTS and I couldn’t disagree more. Cadillac is about look, feel, and driving characteristics. Not an arbitrary number of cylinders. I have plenty of power in my CTS, and if I needed more I could have gotten a V.

  • Alex O. Lewis, III

    I have to agree with sailirish, we had an SRX and it had tons of power. If the XT5 comes with a third row, sign me up.

  • hype22redux

    ats is rear wheel drive my friend and is not a chevy if you consider the Camaro to be run of the mill

  • mammocad .

    It’s not about power. It’s about smoothness and you cannot compare a 6 to an 8 when it comes to that. You get a roar from the engine when you hit the gas on a 6 that you don’t get on an 8. Cadillac’s so called luxury car the XTS is a joke. It’s an Impala and a far cry from what Cadillac used to be. The sales numbers on the car and the CTS prove my point. The market is rejecting these cars because they are overpriced Chevys now.

  • GettCouped

    I have an old Caddy with a 4.9 and I love it, but new v6s today have tons of power, are smooth and get great fuel economy.

  • Boomhauser

    I have a CTS 3.6 and people comment how powerful it is. My friend rode in it, and said, I think I will get one next. My car is very tight, controlled. Quick and stops faster then german cars.

  • honor first

    GTFO what a baseless and empty comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Shiratori1


  • BTZ4455

    I just need to check here first, as far as the planet you’re living on, you do live with the rest of us here on EARTH, correct? Please name me one other automaker, or any division of any automaker (and no, super low production+super highly priced doesn’t count as any normal, mainstream maker, so don’t waste our time telling us the Bentley has either an 8 OR a 12!)

  • It’s hideous! I thought Cadillac set the bar low with the 2010 SRX, but this thing makes it look good in comparison. RIP Cadillac, you had a good run.

  • mammocad .

    Moron idiot. The xts ride an an impala platform you idiot. What do you think it is except a dressed up Impala. This isn’t a real Cadillac. Why do you think sales of cts and xts are so slow? The last real Cadillac that was make was the 2005 Deville

  • Greg Young

    Why do people continue to bring up the fact that a Cadillac is a GM product and yes, Chevy is also a GM product. So, if you buy a Cadillac, you are just driving a Cruz, Impala, Suburban, Equinox or a Malibu with a logo slapped on the grill. The same can be said for the European and Japanese automakers: Lexus=Toyota, Infinit=Nissan, Audi=Volkswagen and Acura=Honda. I personally do not like the design of this or any other SUV for that matter because if I bought a utility vehicle, it would be an Escalade that is a much better version of a Suburban. I have been nothing but happy with my 2014 ATS and can’t possibly imagine trading it for a Chevy Cruz, I have driven one out of curiosity and it doesn’t even compare when it comes to fit and finish, handling, creature comforts and styling. Right now, I am planning on buying either another ATS, CTS, CT6 or XTS because they all have their merits and I like them all in different ways. One last comment, if Cadillac did not make the switch to more fuel efficient V6 engines, everyone would continue to criticize the company for being gas guzzling land yachts. When I took my ATS out on a test drive, I thought I was driving a V6 and it turns out that it’s a four banger! Every time I tell someone Cadillac makes four cylinder cars, they are surprised. So, if the definition of a Cadillac is a giant wheel base, inefficient V8 and 3 tons of steel, go buy a 71′ Deville and shut the hell up!

  • Alby Mangled

    It’s quite a stylish looking 4WD thingy but it sure isn’t what I think of when someone says “Cadillac”…

  • awldat

    I’ll keep my CTS-V. Style, performance and power. Nuff said!