Top 10 Best States for Teen Drivers

Top 10 Best States for Teen Drivers

A new study has revealed the 10 best states for teen drivers. conducted a study, comparing the driving conditions for teens in the U.S. based on 16 key metrics, with the data broken down into three categories: safety conditions, economic environment and driving laws of each state. Topping the overall list is the state of New York, which also scored in the top six of all three categories thanks to a substantive graduated licensing program. Following New York is Oregon, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Delaware for the top five, while Illinois, Connecticut, Nevada, Rhode Island and New Jersey round out the top 10 best states for teen drivers.

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Factors that helped the best states achieve their ranking include Connecticut having the lowest rate of teen fatalities and Hawaii having the lowest insurance premium increase for adding a teen driver. Other states with notable factors were Alabama, where there’s the lowest rate of teen DUIs and Nebraska, which is home to the lowest average cost of auto repairs.

On the other end of the list is Missouri, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota ranking the worst. According to the study, there are 11 times more teen driver fatalities per 100,000 teens in North Dakota than in Connecticut.

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