Which States are Tougher on Dangerous Drivers?

Which States are Tougher on Dangerous Drivers?

A new study has ranked all the states based on how tough they are on dangerous drivers, and Colorado leads the way for being the most strict.

WalletHub compared all 50 states and looked at each state’s driving laws and how often offences like speeding and reckless driving are enforced. Colorado was rated the overall strictest state, followed by Arizona, Delaware and Illinois tying for second strictest. New Mexico, Virginia, Iowa and Massachusetts (tie), Alabama and the District of Columbia round out the top 10 toughest states for dangerous drivers.

On the very bottom end of list are the softest states, starting off with Texas being the most lax. Utah, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Mississippi tie for second most relaxed.

The study also found that people charged with reckless driving can expect to spend an average of at least one day in jail for their first offence and four days for their second offence. WalletHub says the average ticket for reckless driving is $742, with the lowest being about $100 in Kentucky, Mississippi, and New Mexico, and the most expensive ringing in at $5,000 in Washington.

[Source: WalletHub]

  • smartacus

    Our current epidemic of murders and rapes still happening despite being tough on speeders, so maybe they aren’t part of the solution but part of the problem