2015 Mazda Adventure Rally Conclusion

2015 Mazda Adventure Rally Conclusion

After more adventuring, the Mazda Rally is officially over. Here’s how the last day shaped out.

This morning, Team Eunos Cosmo found itself just outside of a podium position, with just one point separating us from getting some money for our charity, Camp Sunshine. As a result our performance on the challenges today had to be perfect.

The first thing we had to do was take a drive from our hotel, through Kamloops, and note all the sport activities that are promoted on the side of the road. There was camping, fishing, skiing, golf and even more sports being promoted through the city. We quickly noted these down and head to a small mining town called Lake Logan.

4654634789_a7f2c86fe8At Lake Logan we had to answer a few questions about the large equipment that was on display. From there we had to make our way to city called Ashcroft. Like the challenges we faced yesterday, Mazda had us point out key locations that we passed on the way. They provided four images and asked us to tell us which scene came first, second, third and fourth. Again, like yesterday, my head was on a swivel, looking from the left side of the road, to the right. I think my spastic head turning was putting Mike on edge, and he ended up driving faster, which in turn made me look back and forth even quicker. Yikes! Good thing I didn’t get dizzy!

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IMG_20150923_133912After a quick refuel in Ashcroft, we had to drive to one of Mike’s favorite roads: Highway 8. This long windy road featured a breathtaking mountain view on both sides of the road. Along the way had to keep our eyes peeled for the scenes from the earlier challenge, while looking out for several ranches in the area. We had to note whether we passed or didn’t pass 10 specific ranches on our route.

Additionally, the small towns in British Columbia are where several movies were filmed. Mazda asked us to recreate scenes from Smallville, The Wickerman and The Sweet Hereafter (sorry, Sci-fi fans, no X-Files here.) With our experience shooting films for AutoGuide.com in the past, Mike and I had no problems framing up our shots.

We arrived at our lunch spot confident, while other teams were a little shaky about the number of ranches they passed.

IMG_20150923_150102The final challenge of the day was relatively easy. We were given pictures of lakes and had to name them based on the lakes we passed on the way home. It was a little tough trying to match the photos to what we saw out of our windshield, but Mike and I were pretty sure on most of our answers.

We finally hit the finish line, and waited for the results. The top four teams were very close, and we needed one of the three teams ahead of us to make a costly mistake. In the end they kind of did, but we didn’t make enough to vault ahead. That means we got tied for third place. In such an event, Mazda had to find a way to break the tie, so they saw how many events the two teams scored perfect on. Except there was a tie there too… So they decided to see how many perfect scores in a row the two teams achieved and we didn’t end up beating the other team. That means we got bumped down to fourth place.

There’s good news though. Mazda saw that we put in the effort to get to third place, and will still be awarding our charity, camp sunshine with $1,000! The other teams that earned money for their charity was the duo of Dan Heyman and Vincent Aube from Team AutoFocus that earned $10,000 for their charity Kids Help Phone, while Mark Richardson and Emily Atkins from The Toronto Star earned $2,000 for their charity Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund. Finally Joanne Elves and Jeff Wearmouth from the Globe and Mail, tied us for third place and also won $1,000 for their charity.

Congratulations to all the teams, we had a blast competing with them and with Mazda along the west coast of Canada with their brand new CX-3.