New Chevy Volt Launch Postponed for Most of US


The redesigned Chevy Volt is going to have a slow rollout, with some States never even getting the chance to buy the 2016 model. 

Production of the redesigned Chevy Volt has been pushed back for 39 States, which means most of the U.S. has a while longer to wait before they can get the car.

The 2016 Chevy Volt will initially only be available in California, followed by the 11 States that follow the California Air Resourced Board (CARB) rules: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland , Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

A leaked schedule confirms that the Volt has just begun production for California where it will launch first, while production for the other 10 CARB States will begin in October of 2016. Finally, production for the remaining U.S. States will begin in February of 2016. When the Volt arrives to all of those waiting States likely sometime in later winter or early spring of next year, it will do so as a 2017 model year.

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“Chevrolet has a shortened model year for the 2016 Chevy Volt that will have a limited distribution network,” a Chevy spokeman told AutoblogGreen. “The 2016 Volt will be sold in our strongest EREV markets. The 2017 Chevrolet Volt will begin production early this spring and will be available throughout the country.”

[Source: Hybrid Cars. Quote via AutoBlog]

  • Eric Cameron

    While that’s a shot in the foot, I don’t see a problem with this. Focus on their main markets and get them out the door first. People can travel to a nearby state who sells them and buy one for the first several months.

  • Bug S Bunny

    I also don’t see a problem with this. If you want a new Volt, just buy one in a state where they are sold – there’s nothing stopping anyone from doing that. Unless I’m missing something.

  • Delicious Points

    Great, i was anticipating for the 2016 volt, now my money goes elsewhere, thanks gm! =(

  • RussellL

    “The 2016 Chevy Volt will initially only be available in California, followed by the 11 States that follow the California Air Resourced Board (CARB) rules”

    This just shows that Chevy does NOT want to sell the Volt in large numbers. They only want to sell enough to meet CARB rules.

  • LeAnne Jergensen

    I was wondering if I could do that. Drive to CA from AZ and buy a car. Wonder if a CA dealer will let me place an order now?

  • philip d

    I’m in GA and called a few states that will have them and they told me they could only sell to residents as per their allocation agreement.

  • LeAnne Jergensen

    Just talked to CA dealership. He seemed willing, but the GM rep is there and he was going to talk to him. It will really stink if that is the case that I would never be able to buy it.

  • philip d

    At least we will be able to get in line for the 2017 model available in the Spring.

  • Septhinox

    I was literally waiting to purchase a new volt this fall after seeing it in Detroit. I even bought a beater to tide me over but I’m not going to wait until possibly even the spring for this car. This is extremely disappointing. Sorry GM, you’ve lost one customer here.

  • Roger Franz

    Not so much that they don’t want to sell the Volt, but with low gas prices how much sense to sell a car that isn’t moving off dealer showrooms. Unfortunately reported as one of Chevy’s poorer selling models.

  • Henry88

    We bought a (new) 2014 early this year rather than waiting for the 2016 – I’m glad we went ahead. Yes, the quite low gas prices are certainly hurting electric car sales, but there’s a lot more that we like about the Volt.

  • AmericaPutFirst

    I’m averaging 89 MPG. And the ride is luxurious and comfortable. 2012 Volt.

  • AmericaPutFirst

    They destroyed this car after Bob Lutz left. They made it an electric Chevy Cruz. An exact twin.

  • AmericaPutFirst

    The older models are far better.

  • AmericaPutFirst

    Remember when they put a Pontiac Boneville next to a Cadillac? The only difference was the emblem. The same for this – a Cruze and Volt side by side are identical. They sold out the fan base with this one.

  • J

    Can a potential customer from another state go to a state and purchase one?

  • J

    Check out your state licensing rules; I have been twice burned but love the Volt. 1) by a CPA from WI who was clueless and claimed there was no tax deduction for the car, untitled, that I bought in OK and licensed and titled in WI, consequently have never to date gotten the tax credit and very bad “advice” or zero advice from a totally clueless CPA who had a Rush Limbaugh coffee cup in his kitchen. Do we have to check out the political leanings of a professional???? Spent tons of time on that issue, still working on resolution. 2) State of WI claims I lied on my registration for the 2012 volt, states their laws require that any manufacturer incentives are still require paying a car fee on those amounts, but if it had been listed as dealer incentive it would have been alright. Go figure. This was a car that had a lot of technology designed with Federal grants. Also WI says I lied on my application “because the car sold for a lot more in Madison.” Ii showed them the receipt from OK, but they feel entitled to base cost on what a similar car would have sold for in Madison, WI. What? There is a reason I bought the car in OK, and it was related to selling price. The Volt did not sell in oil county, apparently it was not status, and I should be penalized?? It is time for national rules on car licensing, if that is the myopic thinking, combined with the national rules for MPG and emissions, highway safety, and so on. Please comment!!!!

  • J

    Isn’t that restraint of trade, perhaps? Federal money went into the technology, and climate change is a global problem, how can GM limit where cars are sold in the US? And, if a car financed through Ally Financial, that previously was GMAC, the reseller has a banner than shows that Ally Financial and GMAC are linked closely together? Ally has a lot of complaints and serious actions against Ally Financial, check the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau website. At first I took it personally what Ally Financial tried to pull, until I read the complaints against Ally and that CFPB has the largest action against Ally that they have ever had. Filing the complaint was time consuming, but I got my car back. What laws do loan companies have to follow when a car was purchased out of state? If a WI bank financed the loan, I would have a 10 day grace period….that is not what Ally Financial represents I have. What happens if someone buys a car in WI and titles it in IL, for example? I haven’t checked on that but was recently told by a state bank that the 10 day grace period is WI law for banks and lender located in the state, and 15 day grace period for mortgages. What a web there is, and consumer protections that are not universal in the US. Maybe giving power to the states made sense when we were not much of a mobile society, but mobility is everywhere now.

  • NeutralNovice

    Wow I didn’t even realize that they look practically identical…(didn’t look at the Cruze before). Basically the Volt now is simply the Plugin Hybrid of the Cruze.

  • Naturenut99

    Buy from one of the carb states.

  • Martin Logan

    Really hoping they included front seat grab handles this time…..pathetic that our $47,000 ’13 Volt lacks them, while the $19,000 Cruze sitting next to it in the showroom had them. Seems trivial I know, but I have been amazed how many times I have reached for them. WTH were you thinking, GM??

  • Martin Logan

    Gotta love Maximum Bob!

  • robert rardin

    my disappointment is overwhelming.i won’t buy a 16 or 17 volt now.

  • Scott

    This is the same as the original Volt release schedule. As far as the design goes – The concept car design matched the technology. The production models have always been based on the Cruz. Most owners are aware that this car is way over-engineered. My only hope is that they don’t cut too many corners in the next release.