Quiz: Can You Identify These Steering Wheels?

Quiz: Can You Identify These Steering Wheels?

Some of our readers said that the last quizzes on headlights and tail lights were too easy, but we have a feeling this one might stump some more of you, especially since we blacked out the logos. Complete our steering wheel quiz and share your score with us in the comment section below.

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  • Aditya Ganesan

    this is hard (i got only 59%)

  • Shiratori1


  • FrownyFace3000

    74% That was hard! Though I kept screwing up on the (obvious) BMW one. Dammit.

  • Jeff T

    89% which is the best here……I need to meet more girls

  • Alex

    100% lol

  • FrownyFace3000


  • johnls39 .

    89%. That was a little tricky.

  • Mohammad Damir


  • I got 100% last time! I will do it again now!

  • 100% again as of November 18!

  • Rochester

    67%. I haz shame now. The Nissan and Ford wheel is dead-easy

  • Rezwan Hossain


  • Christian Sarmiento

    74% damn thats hard.

  • MarineCorps

    93% …and I’m from Europe! Dodge fuckedme up, twice! 🙂

  • Anis Miraoui

    100% Perfect

  • LeftOvers4them

    96%, Nissan threw me off. Due to lack of interest in the brand, I haven’t seen a Nissan steering wheel in years.

  • Pav

    100% bitach

  • Matthew Doan

    I’m a European car specialist, I screwed up on most of the Japanese and American cars. Only the Euro cars are easy for me, got just 59%

  • NP300

    96%! If you can tell the difference between the speedometers of each vehicle, that will help identify which steering wheel goes with what brand! I got confused between Hyundai and Mazda but all the other ones were easy!

  • Anand Raj

    Easy….. Bt mazda and hyundai confused me