Subaru Teases its Future with Two New Concepts


Subaru is bringing two new concept vehicles to this year’s Tokyo Motor Show to show off the brand’s future direction. 

The first concept teases what we will see in the next-generation Impreza Five-Door Hatchback while the second car, the Viziv Future Concept, aims to show off Subaru’s vision for green energy and safety technology.

Subaru is getting set to reveal a new platform that will underpin its entire lineup and these two concepts are the first to hint at what we will see when the new modular architecture is revealed.

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The new Impreza will likely be the first vehicle to arrive on the new platform and is expected to land in the U.S. sometime in late 2016 as a 2017 model. Subaru says that the car has a “dynamic and solid” theme.


Future technologies are packed into the Viziv Concept, including a next-generation small-displacement turbocharged engine mated to a hybrid setup. The electric motor provides power to the rear axle while the engine drives the front wheels, allowing all-wheel drive and torque vectoring. This setup allows the small crossover to have an entirely flat floor, maximizing usable space in the vehicle.

An intelligent traffic communications system is fitted to the concept that will allow it to send and receive messages from other vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure to help with automated parking, accident prevention and navigation.

Check back to on October. 28 for live coverage from the Tokyo Motor Show.

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  • Eric Cameron

    Wow the exterior almost looks production ready. Really liking the interior too. Wondering if they’ll get rid of their terrible infotainment system and adopt someone else’s.

  • laurac

    Looks like it on the dash shot. Looks like a Crosstech and a Forester had a baby. A stylish baby.

  • Bosco2015

    Another tease by Subaru. Then the real production vehicle will look just like the previous model did.

  • nauticalone

    Concepts are too often so far off what the real thing will look like. If they take a hint from Jaguar (see F Pace) that would be promising. And drop the CVT’s for a dual clutch transmission.

  • roundthings

    Looking forward to see the new Impreza. Looking to trade my bone jarring Mazda 3 for something else. Could be the new Cruze as well

  • Paul

    They should build it as is but with a production roof, rear view mirrors and headlights.

  • gusforastiere

    Subaru has been so conservative with its production vehicles, I doubt this company will build something this gook looking and modern. I certainly hope so, but seriously doubt it.

  • Darrin McNeice

    Glad they phased out door handles. I always hated those…

  • Russ D

    Looks more like a Kia than a Subaru. No thanks.
    my favorite era of Subaru was about 10-15 years ago before they started looking like Toyotas.

  • ddhartma

    You should pay a little more attention to new cars. There are several out there without door handles (look at the new Corvette as an example).

  • ddhartma

    Have you seen the BRZ? Do you remember the SVX? Neither are all that conservative.

  • Matt Fisher

    The “possible” new Outback is a great design Subaru knows what they are doing. not even comparable to a minivan-esque Kia

  • thegoodlife

    to hell with concept cars when will my airbags be fixed?????

  • Mike Caskey

    Super cool looking. Digging the doors. Too bad it isn’t 100% electric.

  • johnls39 .

    I looked at the ’16 Cruze and that car is beautiful. It also looks premium looking as well.

  • Davee3

    more ugly rims

  • A very impressive toned-down version of both the Viziv and Viziv 2.

  • just like you

  • And you are a BULLSHIT! No thanks to YOU!

  • and to HELL WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • roundthings

    Just waiting for the reviews

  • FaceOnMars

    As a former “Subaru loyalist” (have owned 5), I would’ve gotten behind new innovations re: energy conservation, but it’s very difficult in light of how they’ve handled my 2013 Outback developing an engine “ping” after only 7,500k miles! They claimed it was a characteristic of the vehicle, even though there was a computer patch developed specifically for this so-called “characteristic”.

  • mrzmrz

    The BRZ’s exterior was designed by Toyota and the SVX is approaching 25 years old. The last good-looking all-Subaru was the GC8 generation of Impreza.

  • Russ D

    excuse me. What is your problem.

  • danwat1234

    Right now Subaru just has the mild hybrid XV Crosstek, which has TWO lead acid batteries in addition to the traction battery! I still don’t know why they need 2 lead acid batteries when all the other hybrid and mild hybrid and electric cars just have 1 lead acid battery.

    I have a feeling they won’t release a real hybrid with an Atkinson/Lean Burn ability engine until close to 2020.