The Subaru Ascent Could be Your Favorite New 3-Row Crossover

The Subaru Ascent Could be Your Favorite New 3-Row Crossover

Subaru has filed trademarks for a host of new names, one of which will likely end up adorning its new three-row crossover. 

The Japanese brand has filed to protect four new names with the United States Patent and Trademark office: Ascent 7, Sojourn, Venterra and Cypress. One of theses names will definitely end up on the large SUV, while the other names might end up on other Subaru vehicles or concepts.

Subaru seems to have narrowed down its choices to four rather than the original seven choices the brand was considering. A survey, given to a reader of Jalopnik, had six possibilities listed on it: Centauri, Cypress, Ascent, Meridian, Sojurn, and Columbia.

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The new large crossover from Subaru will replace the Tribeca in the brand’s lineup, though it will feature a third row of seating along with fresh styling influenced by the Viziv concept. The new seven seat crossover will be built in Indiana and will feature all-wheel drive along with the latest safety technology from Subaru, including driver assistance technology like lane keep assist and automatic forward collision braking.

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  • Rickers

    Looks really good actually. Can’t wait for them to start selling it.

  • mick

    Given the relationship with Toyota I’d expect this to be a reskinned highlander.

  • craigcole

    Handsome! Much nicer than, say, the B9 Tribeca that came before.

  • It really does jump out and say “Drive me,” doesn’t it? And yet it still seems very Subaru, but in an Outback way, not an XT9 way.

  • danwat1234

    What about developing a true 2-electric motor + engine atkinson cycle plugin hybrid?

  • billy sharpstick

    Am I mistaken, or is that a two door SUV? (not including rear hatch) If so, that is the stupidest car design I’ve ever seen, especially with three rows of seats.

  • Rocket

    It’s Subaru-designed top to bottom and is not related to the Highlander in any way.

  • mick

    Unless you work for Subaru, not sure how you can say that? The cost to develop this vehicle without sharing components and engineering would be astronomical. I’m just not sure that any of Subaru’s existing platforms could scale up to this size. I’m not totally ruling it out, but it make too much sense for Subaru to share with Toyota. Styling of course will be totally unique and AWD will be standard I presume.

  • Rocket

    BRZ excepted, it’s already been reported that Subaru’s new modular Global Platform will underpin every model going forward. (I attempted to post a link, but apparently our friends at AG don’t like that.) The Highlander doesn’t fit the typically Subaru profile anyway. It’s heavy and inefficient with a conventional automatic gearbox, and its unsophisticated AWD system isn’t worthy of the Subaru badge.

  • Rocket

    It has four doors. The rears open suicide style. I posted a pic, but AG deleted it. I can’t even post a link to it. Guess I’ll stick to commenting on sites that don’t filter what I have to say.

  • mick

    My understanding of the new platform is that it will accommodate everything from Impreza to the Outback. However, the new crossover will be significantly bigger. Don’t forget that Subaru has assembled the Camry at their plant in Indiana and the Highlander is based off the Camry, so it would be easy for them to produce such a vehicle at this facility.