BMW i5 in ‘Final Stages’ of Body Style Decision


BMW is in “the final stages” of deciding which model type the BMW i5 will be.

The BMW i5 will be the next model for the German automaker’s electric i sub-brand, following in the footsteps of the current i3 and i8 offerings. According to BMW board member for sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, the company is close to deciding what sort of body style the BMW i5 will be and has narrowed the choices down to two candidates: a lengthened version of the i3 or a traditional sedan to rival the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

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Robertson also confirmed that BMW has more i products under consideration. The BMW i5 will likely debut sometime next year to coincide with the automaker’s centenary celebrations. He also admitted that sales of the BMW i3 have been modest, but are up 60 percent year-over-year, making the i3 the third best-selling electric vehicle in the world. The BMW i8 on the other hand is widely considered a success with a waiting list of pending orders.

[Source: Autocar]

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  • Jeff Safire

    Please BMW, go with a more traditional sedan for the i5; we have enough ugly electrics already. As much as we would like to have an i3, being “car people”, we just can’t do it. Perhaps owning traditional 5 and 7 series has spoiled us.

  • Mike

    I saw an i3 on the road a couple of months ago – it makes the Pontiac Aztec look good. Please, BMW, stick with a sedan style. You don’t have a clue when it comes to small hatch/suv styling.