Poll: Ford Focus RS or Subaru WRX STI?

Poll: Ford Focus RS or Subaru WRX STI?

The high-performance small car segment is undergoing something of a renaissance these days as more and more manufacturers introduce scalding-hot vehicles with trim dimensions.

The Subaru WRX STI is an established favorite, offering drop-kick acceleration and four-corner traction. But this Japanese automaker isn’t the only company that owns this particular performance formula.

Ford’s new Focus RS is the HOTTEST version of this small car. It features a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine that cranks out 350 horses and just as much torque. All-wheel drive ensures the RS can actually handle all of that giddy-up.

Can’t decide which one you like better? Here’s a detailed rundown of each car.

  • Jaqen

    Thank You Ford for building a car Subaru wanted, but was to lazy to please their enthusiast fans. I guess Cross treks,Foresters and outbacks are more important then your HALO car. Yes the Ford Focus RS is gonna be an awesome car. The R&D as well as the full commitment of the design team to build an AWD hatch such as the focus is right on target in the market. I believe the drivetrain will be just as reliable as the Subaru’s, but I do wonder how much room there will be to enhance performance as far as a tune goes. I believe the Focus RS boost around 23 psi. It will be interesting how much more the parameters allow for improvement. Again awesome car,,,Cant’ wait till they hit the streets.

  • Jeff

    I laugh at the 33% or so that picked the STI.. Old outdated tech, lower horsepower, way worse gas mileage….

  • And I laugh at your comment, YOU BULLSHIT!

  • “Would you rather own the new Ford Focus RS or the Subaru WRX STI?”

    THE ANSWER IS THE 2017 CHEVROLET VOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Everything I said there is true.

  • But I would rather own the 2017 Volt over the Sti and the Focus RS.

  • Jeff

    So everything I said was true when it involves the RS and STI… Which is what the article is about..

  • Jeff

    Also how do you compare a 2 wheel drive economy electric vehicle to 300+ HP AWD turbo cars anyway? Not even in the same category..

  • Mark S

    This was pretty easy. Ford RS is going to help prod Subie towards a new STI engine. The WRX is great value and no doubt Subie can create a competitive STI. One negative for the RS will be dealer mark up above MSRP in the US, laws of supply and demand will be (sadly( in full affect.

  • Phillipa

    Interesting that the Golf R isn’t included.