Reading Mean YouTube Comments – AutoGuide 2015

Reading Mean YouTube Comments – AutoGuide 2015

The Internet can be a wondrous place full of valuable information. It also has a tendency to bring out the absolute worst in people. Just visit the comments section of any YouTube video, and you will understand. 

The commenters on’s YouTube videos were particularly active in 2015, offering a little bit of insight and wisdom, but mostly just rudeness and complete lack of respect for the English language. And while we love to get legitimate feedback, it seems most folks just want to hurl insults at us.

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So here is some of worst vitriol that was spewed at us this year, read back for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and please, leave us a comment (preferably not an insult, but hey, it’s a free country).

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Happy Holidays from all of us at! 

  • smartacus

    see that’s why i don’t have a Youboob or even a Fukbook account.
    -good reminder for me to keep it that way in the New Year too 🙂


  • smartacus

    **and i gotta get a Yuletide vest like Craig

  • Jeff T

    Glad to see this is an annual event. You guys and girl take some heat!

  • GTI Guy

    You guys are great, and the idiots that provide those comments are sad and pathetic, not to mention rude as hell. Let them stand in front of a camra, try and be funny and entertaining, and lets see what happens….challange to all of you duchebags, host your own site and let me have a go at your comments!

  • Phil

    I’m really liking the yearly mean comments video guys! gets funnier every year, which I guess is pretty sad lol.

    its one thing to disagree … but to go so far as to write such personally offensive stuff is disconcerting. Glad you guys do this, good way to humiliate the idiots who post ’em …

    now for 2016, can we please get track testing on all car reviews and comparisons tests, you know, so that your driving impressions are backed up by statistical evidence. It would make auto guide look that much more professional.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I was gonna post; surprisingly the whole outfit goes together, lol

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    But track testing only tells us one thing: how the car does on a track and that’s not relevant to 99% of cars … To get a good impression would be to drive the cars in a way that most people would, on roads, in traffic, day to day and they already do that. Now if they made more video reviews in 2016, that would be sweet!

  • Shiratori1

    Reveals how shitty people are under the veil of anonymity that is the internet.

  • Phil

    track testing would allow to examplify the extent of a car’s superior driving dynamics compare to another which is tangible proof and more accurate than claiming one car ‘feels’ faster or ‘seems’ more nimble than x with no data to accompany the claims… moreover, specific track testing to see how cars behave when pushed at their limits show how cars behave in real life situation in accident avoidance manoeuvres say while braking or cornering. It goes a long way in showing what car truly is superior to a rival and what car truly is better and safer in day to day driving. things a ride from home to the grocery store won’t reveal. And that my friend is relevant! when reading/watching car reviews I want to learn and see the full potential of any given car. It adds credibility to an article as opposed to the sole opinion of a journalist. and I bet thats why a lot of auto guide’s competitors DO roadtest cars on the track. motor trend, motor week, road and track, car and drivers .. .list goes on .. .