Buick Trademark Hints at New ‘Exceed’ Trim Level

Buick Trademark Hints at New ‘Exceed’ Trim Level

The Buick lineup could receive a new lineup of ‘Exceed’ badged vehicles if GM’s latest patent filing is indicative of the future.

GM has protected the rights to the ‘Exceed’ badge along with the names Lacrosse Exceed and Encore Exceed, suggesting that a new lineup of Exceed vehicles is under development. Though no details are offered, Exceed is likely to denote some type of luxury package, possibly akin to the Denali lineup of GMC vehicles.

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GM also protected the name ‘Essence,’ filed under “Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles,” just like all of the other trademarks. The Essence name could be brought back as a nod to the Buick Park Avenue Essence Concept which was shown off in 1989. Essence may also be the name of a trim level that is coming to Buick, much like Exceed.

Although at this point only the Lacrosse and Encore have been protected with the Exceed name, the rest of the lineup is likely to follow.

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