Spyker Set to Debut Electric SUV in November

Spyker Set to Debut Electric SUV in November

Dutch automaker Spyker is planning to debut an all-electric SUV at the 2016 L.A. Auto Show.

It’s rather interesting that the company wants to make a debut in the U.S., considering the brand isn’t very popular here. But today’s Spyker is quite different from Spyker of old, since it emerged from bankruptcy last year thanks to American electric aircraft startup Volta Volaré.

Speaking at a recent symposium for electric aircraft technology, Volta Volaré CEO and founder Paul Peterson spilled details on Spyker’s plans to build electric cars.

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Volta Volaré and Spyker plan to produce and sell aircraft under a new brand called SpykerAero while vehicles will continue to be sold under the Spyker name. The aircrafts will feature extended-range electric powertrains while the vehicles will be pure battery-powered EVs. One of those offerings will be in the form of an SUV, based on the D12 Peking-to-Paris concept. Peterson said that an updated version of the concept will debut this November in Los Angeles with plans of launching it in 2017.

The all-electric variant will be an option however, as the standard model will come with a V12 engine, just like the original concept. Peterson also hinted during his presentation that Spyker could launch a Formula E team to help its development while promoting the brand’s focus and emergence in electric vehicles.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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  • craigcole

    I don’t think the world needs *another* boutique exotic-car builder. Spyker, just call it quits already! You failed the first time around, failed again, went under with Saab, just give up at this point.

  • Noe

    ……….. all that what you say BUT even before that : Just look at the beast. Its hideous !

    Bentley may have a beast but at least it has pedigree, with mildly reasonable looks – this spyker SUV is just a disaster

  • windel Vernon

    Yup! It looks like a jelly bean waiting to happen.

  • To me, it looks kinda like they tried to make a Nash Metropolitan CUV.