Tesla Model 3 Specs: What You Need to Know

Tesla Model 3 Specs: What You Need to Know

Not everything about the Tesla Model 3 has been revealed, but here’s what we know.

Introduced at a special event last evening, final specifications of the Tesla Model 3 aren’t set yet but CEO Elon Musk did spill some information. For starters, the base model will go zero-to-60 mph in less than 6 seconds, although we suspect there will be faster variants offered. Considering this is the same automaker that has a Ludicrous Mode for the Model S and Model X, we would be shocked if a quicker Model 3 doesn’t make it to market.

As for the all-important range, the Model 3 will go at least 215 miles, although Tesla is working hard at exceeding that figure by the time the model goes into production. Again, it is believed that this figure is for a base model and a model with a bigger battery should be offered.

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It will also seat five comfortably, and Musk stressed the word comfortably. The American automaker compressed the instrument panel and moved the seats forward to provide ample legroom in the front and the rear. More importantly, it will be an incredibly safe car and Tesla is guaranteeing that it will get a five-star safety rating on every crash test.

Although it’s not a specification you’re used to hearing, the Model 3 will be capable of fitting a seven-foot surfboard, meaning there’s plenty of cargo space. Since there’s no standard combustion engine, you get the benefits of two trunks to store everything you need.

All Model 3 sedans will come with Supercharging standard as well as Autopilot, meaning for a $35,000 starting price tag, it’s already packed with high-tech features.

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  • Guy Ogan

    The article says, “Since there’s no standard combustion engine, you get the benefits of two trunks to store everything you need.” Then it goes on to say, “All Model 3 sedans will come with Supercharging standard…” Since there is no standard combustion engine I guess they’ve figured out a way to “Supercharge” a battery (or is there a tiny combustion engine to charge the battery on long trips and THAT engine will be supercharged for some unknown reason?

  • Max Felt

    Why are you commenting? You’re obviously uninformed. A supercharge station charges the battery faster than any household charger can. It has nothing to do with an engine.