Volvo Polestar Models get 367 Twincharged HP


Volvo has announced new V60 and S60 Polestar performance models, both of which have received more power thanks to a new engine. 

That engine is Volvo’s 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder unit, though in these new Polestar models it is tuned to deliver 367 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque, an improvement of 22 hp but a loss of 23 lb-ft compared to current Polestar models which use a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6.

Despite the loss in torque, Volvo says that the new models are the quickest cars the brand has built, with a 0 to 62 mph sprint coming in 4.5 seconds.

In other Volvo vehicles, like the XC90, this same twin-charged unit makes only 316 hp, with the extra boost in the new Polestars coming from a larger turbo, new conrods, new camshafts, a larger air intake and a higher capacity fuel pump. The engine is mated to an eight-speed transmission and power is sent to all four wheels.

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Weight has been stripped from the cars as well, which are now 44 pounds lighter overall than their predecessors. New lightweight 20-inch wheels are also now available, while revised electro-assisted power steering and slotted brake rotors now come with the cars.

Volvo is also planning on selling these new Polestar models in 47 different markets (up from 13) with production volume doubling from 750 to 1500 cars a year.

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  • Jason Fernandez

    Dear Volvo,

    Step 1. Build new C30
    Step 2. Make Polestar version of new C30
    Step 3. Sell in North America
    Step 4. Make bank.