The Short List: Top 10 Most Unreliable Cars


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The Yugo lives on as the automotive yardstick by which all terrible cars are measured.

Although it’s very difficult to buy a car that’s as awful as the Yugo these days, a lot of cars for sale right now have questionable reliability. What are the most unreliable cars on sale right now? Watch our Short List video above hosted by Craig Cole to learn about the top 10 most unreliable cars on sale right now, according to our friends at Consumer Reports.

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  • Dark Sky

    I really hate this guy. He is seriously annoying and I doubt he knows much about cars outside of his opinions.

  • smartacus

    500L production should be moved to Slovenia, or Hungary, or Rumania; forget Serbia

  • Mike011

    so why do you Craig bash a car like Yugo that is not even available in your market? how about Trabant? or bunch of crappy us-built models, like dodge fart for an example? this is idiotic review…

  • JB De La Salle

    can’t stand this guy. didn’t even get to #7. I’m sure there are better presentors than this!

  • Dave Foley

    GREAT job Craig! Haha!!

    You know, if it weren’t for the coma, I’m sure my dead grandma would LOVE to watch this over and over again! Darn those coma’s anyways. Always keeping dead people from doing what they want. #ComasAreJerks

  • Aleks

    Buddy. My dad still drives that YUGO. Same one after 25 years. It doesn’t stop. Works undee all conditions and can carry you anywhere.
    So yes, its really not good car. Dumb-a..

  • Isend2C

    All the hatin’ on Criaig, well I think you’re hilarious and I really enjoy your car reviews (more than these list things).

    I’m surprised about the list – before it started I was thinking they’d be mostly Italian, British and German but 8/10 were domestics! Which I thought would be among the most reliable (with Korean and Japanese). Why is it so hard for domestics to get working climate control? That seems like a relatively easy thing to do correctly.

    I think the list would have more exotics but CR doesn’t include models unless they have sufficient responses and when you only sell cars in such limited quantities then you’re bound to get fewer responses.

  • Narc

    Owning a 2016 C7 Z06, I find the Consumer Reports claims that the new C7 is #5 in the the most unreliable short list. I have none of the issues stated. Cabin comfort is excellent, driver and passenger side. (Adjustable cabin controls, left and right.)The electronics are spot on,IE: GPS, Bluetooth, Sirius/XM radio, Pandora, USB connectivity. My only complaint is that I wish the satellite radio had a larger buffer, but that is true of almost all sat radios. My fuel mileage is over 35 mpg on trips, 28 around town, the 8 speed auto shift is awesome.

    I really think the testers at Consumer Reports were still testing the 2014 C7, which DID have a few issues, but with the 2016 model, they are all gone.

  • chryslerfan

    And consumer reports is as biased as they come. NO POSSIBLE WAY a Jeep is unreliable. My daughter hit an semi at 80 mph head on. Both daughters walked away unscathed. My wife wont let me buy her anything but Jeeps. Her 2008 has 210,000 on it without issues.

  • jack

    Yes Jeep. They have never been that good and Chrysler sure didn’t help.

  • chryslerfan

    A Jeep is truely an American legend and icon. It did not get there by being unreliable. Can we say b i a s e d ?

  • timothyhood

    Mike, clearly you are too young to know that the Yugo WAS sold in the U.S. It was brought in to undercut the Hyundai Excel, which was new to the U.S. And heavily marketed for being the least expensive car one could buy–until the crappy Yugo came along and proved to people that cheapest isn’t always the best way to go. Hyundai cars were known for being crappy for a long time as well, but thanks to early suckers, I mean customers, Hyundai bankrolled enough money to gradually improve them until they became competitive just two short decades later.

  • timothyhood

    Reliability and crash-worthiness are two completely separate things. That said, nobody hits a semi at 80mph and walks away unscathed. I’m calling BS, as is everyone who knows even the tiniest bit of physics. I laugh when people let their personal biases say such obviously stupid and easily disproven things.

  • timothyhood

    Yes, consumer reports is biased. After they gather reliability data from hundreds of thousands of owners, they look at which vehicles they don’t like and they throw away all the data for those cars and just make up data of their own. They hate Jeep so much, they give models poor reliability scores.

    Look at all of those J.D. Power awards Jeep has been winning for reliability. Wait, no, there aren’t any. Must be the J.D. Power is colluding with Consumer Reports. It’s a conspiracy!

  • chryslerfan

    Laugh if you will but that is a true unfabricated event in our lives we shall never forget. It was my daughters first solo drive which we did not authorize. Five cars were involved. The semi driver had a broken leg. While the Liberty was a crushed piece of metal in the middle of the highway when I arrived and I thought they had been killed; Imagine my elation to see them wrapped in blankets leaning against the State Trooper’s car! I know a lot about physics, cars, drivers, and all things mechanical. My point was and still is that statistics and math can be presented in any way to make them odds on in your or my favor. Nothing in a CR magazine is real world tested. Its all lab tested and lab testing can and will never replace the real world. I never came here to make fun of you or your opinions, stories, or predudices yet you came here calling my story “BS”. My story cannot be disproven. I have pictures, police reports, and State Farm’s report that proves my story. I don’t know how old you are but putting down people and making personal fun of them does nothing to futher the debate. So having said all that I dont really appreciate you laughing at a truth at our family’s expense and your references to my biases. Are we biased for Jeep? Yes. Yes we are. I still have two adult daughters now who have children of their own because of the reliability, crash-worthiness, and pure American-made quality of a Jeep. Same reason millions depend on them in the worst of off-road conditions. After that accident I bought my wife a new Jeep. She loves it. I am sure she is as biased as I am.

  • chryslerfan

    Kiplinger’s, Kelly, and Motor Week seem to have a different opinion.

  • pywaket_1

    I call bullshit. There isn’t a car in the world that could hit a semi head-on at 80mph that wouldn’t be reduced to a pancake. At worst, this would have been a glancing blow to be survivable.

    Even hitting non-moving semi at that speed head-on would kill the occupants.

    At 80 mph, you’re travelling at over 117 feet per second. I just went and measured the distance from the front of a Ford Explorer to the driver’s face, with the seat set for a 5’8″ driver. It is 7.5 feet. Assuming the car crumples down to 3.5 feet, the the deceleration time would be about .035 seconds. Decelerating from 80 to 0 in that amount of time would give you a force of nearly 107g. Most reliable sources suggest that 50% survival rates for human beings is around 70g. A very few people have survived over 100g deceleration, and they certainly didn’t walk away from it.

    This has nothing to do with being crushed, either. This is merely from internal organ damage.

  • pywaket_1

    Yup. There was no way they hit a semi head on at 80 and survived, even the semi wasn’t moving at all at the time of the hit. Either it was a non-direct hit, or the speed was considerably lower.

  • pywaket_1

    Also, what the hell does “Reliability” have to do with “Safety in a crash”? They’re two completely different things.

  • pywaket_1

    Fine, post the pictures and the links to the police report.

    We can’t “disprove” your BS, since you provide no real information. You say you have “evidence”. Well, show it to us. You make an assertion, you need to provide the evidence to back it up, not the other way around. That’s how it works.

    By the way. I’m posting this while standing on top of the spire atop the Empire State building. Prove I’m not.

  • chryslerfan

    You are free not to believe me. But i have the proof. And I came here to debate why a relibable American icon is on a list it doesnt belong on. I think its, cruel, rude, and insensitive to make fun or as you put it “BS” a story you have no clue about that is very personal to us. I have 5 grandchildren from the two daughters who walked away from a major accident that day. The State trooper even said he had never seen such a horrific accident that had people without injuries. I hope you and your family never have to go through something that bad.

  • pywaket_1

    Actually, I think it may have been the other way around.

    According to the Wikipedia entry for the Yugo:

    “The first three Yugo vehicles (Red, White, and Blue) were introduced to the American public at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show in May 1984 held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. ”

    Sales didn’t start until 1985:

    United States sales by calendar year:

    1985: 3,895
    1986: 35,959
    1987: 48,812
    1988: 31,546
    1989: 10,576
    1990: 6,359
    1991: 3,092
    1992: 1,412
    Total: 141,651

    And for the Excel:

    “Hyundai Motor America began selling cars in the United States on 20 February 1986, with a single model, the Hyundai Excel, which was offered in a variety of trims and body styles. That year, Hyundai set a record of selling the most automobiles in its first year of business in the United States compared to any other car brand; total sales in 1986 were 168,882.”

    You could get one in Canada before that:

    “In 1984, Hyundai exported the Pony to Canada, but not to the United States, because the Pony didn’t pass emissions standards there. Canadian sales greatly exceeded expectations, and it was at one point the top-selling car on the Canadian market. In 1985, the one millionth Hyundai car was built”.

    Both were complete piles of shit, though. I actually owned a 1987 Excel, that I bought used in 1992 for $700, and it was the top of the line model with all the options, except the automatic. It was the second worst car I’ve ever owned (it replaced a 1984 Chevy Cavalier, which was even more horrible to drive).

    At least the Yugo, being based on a Fiat, was fun to toss around. The construction quality was garbage (an old Italian design being built by an Eastern Bloc country), but the handling was pretty decent for the time.

  • pywaket_1

    Show us the proof. C’mon.

    Considering that my father just got out of the hospital and is in rehab after first getting in a car crash, and then having a heart attack, I’ll just say that you have no right whatsoever to lecture me on this sort of thing. So, fuck off.

    Your own choice of username shows you have absolutely no impartiality on the topic of your supposed “American Icon”.

    PS: my major in college was physics/engineering, so I know a thing or two about how crashes work.

  • chryslerfan

    Everything. While you are referring to mechanical reliability or rather how long automobiles and their components last; in the Quality Control world that includes the ability to protect payloads in a catastropic failure or accident. Studying these issues helps us engineer better, safer, and more reliable products. Can you rely on your car in an accident? No matter if you say yes or no its still an indicator of reliability.

  • pywaket_1

    Nice deflection.

    JD Power dependability ratings for SUVs, from best to worst – look who’s down at the very bottom.

    1 Porsche
    2 Lexus    
    3 Buick    
    4 Toyota    
    5 Ram    
    6 Mercedes-Benz    
    7 Lincoln    
    8 Infiniti    
    9 Honda    
    10 GMC    
    11 Chevrolet    
    12 Audi    
    13 Acura    
    14 Volvo    
    15 Volkswagen    
    16 Subaru    
    17 Scion    
    18 Nissan    
    19 Mitsubishi    
    20 MINI    
    21 Mazda    
    22 Kia    
    23 Hyundai    
    24 Fiat    
    25 Chrysler    
    26 Cadillac    
    27 BMW    
    28 smart    
    29 Land Rover    
    30 Jeep    
    31 Ford    
    32 Dodge 

    US News agrees as well – search their dependability ratings for Jeeps. Most get a dismal 2 to 2.5 out of 5.

    So do the owners (like my family members and) who report their experiences to Consumer Reports over the years.

    Sorry. I know Jeeps very well. They’re “Iconic” all right, but reliability isn’t their strong point.

  • chryslerfan

    I will be glad to post it as soon as i am physically able to get in the attic to locate the box they are in. I notice you have not referenced your claims either. My username has nothing to do with my viewpoint on cars. It was my grandfather’s nickname when he was the Fire Chief here…because he bought 1968 Chrysler Newports for the department that year. Its a tribute to him. Two years later he bought Ford LTDs but the nickname stuck.
    I guess in fairness I should reveal that I am an engineer for Northrop-Gruman aircraft. That too does nothing to bias my car opinions. Alhough it helps me to see what a bunch of idiots you guys are. A 100 mph crash into a brick wall can produce upwards of 3,000 gforce for up to 30ms. People walk away from those too. Want me to post my paycheck stub too?

  • pywaket_1

    “One formula 1 driver (David Purley) suffered ~180g, but just barely survived”

    There’s reports that another driver once survived 214g.

    Google “Human Tolerance and Crash Survivability”. Nice, well researched document with references and everything. It points out you’re full of shit.

    I hope all your supposed employer allows you to do is design cupholders or make photocopies, since you can’t even spell the name correctly. It’s “Grumman”. And by the way, I owned a Tiger.

  • chryslerfan

    No, actually i am the Janitorial engineer. And you must work at 7/11?

  • timothyhood

    You are correct about the timing of when these products hit the market. Maybe it was that the Hyundai was announced sooner. Or maybe I’m rusty on that part.

    I do remember that the Yugo probably saved Hyundai because had the Hyundai been left to suck that bad on it’s own, it probably would have folded. But, given an even crappier option in the Yugo, people didn’t view the Hyundai as badly (“Hey, at least the engine didn’t fall out!”) 🙂

    Hyundai thanks all of its early customers for giving them R&D money to improve their product line. Good for Hyundai for actually making the improvements to be competitive (and their marketing guys for having the sense to use the 10-year warranty to keep sales propped up while they worked on product quality).

  • timothyhood

    According to registration data, your dad owns the last surviving Yugo. He should sell it to a museum while the money is good.

  • timothyhood

    Kelly Blue Book does not provide reliability data or make recommendations on vehicles. Motorweek reviews new vehicles. They don’t do any long-term testing or reliability surveys. They only provide resale values of used vehicles. Care to cite any references?

    You seem to commingle the idea of whether a vehicle is popular or a new car design is liked with its quality and long-term reliability. While CR can be faulted for selecting dull appliances for their auto recommendations, the only way to explain Jeep’s poor reliability on their surveys of *people who actually own and drive these vehicles* would be to accuse them of out-and-out fraud, doctoring the data. But then, you’d have to explain why JD Power would also do the same thing with their survey of *people who actually own and drive these vehicles*.

  • timothyhood

    The guy is delusional. His posts prove that. There’s no convincing him with science. What he’s probably omitting is that the accident may have occurred in an 80mph zone on the freeway, but the truck was already stopped and his daughter had time to hit the brakes such that she impacted the truck at a more realistic speed of say, 20 mph. Or maybe aliens came and transported her from the vehicle to the side of the road just before impact.

  • chryslerfan

    Yes the truck was parked. She hit him head on at 80 never hitting the breaks according to the off duty cop whom she passed and was hit by our Jeep as the rear end flung right. No aliens were involved.

  • chryslerfan

    Follow the money trail. You will see what I mean. Look at who pays to advertise with jdp. Look at who owns jdp (kbb). Its all about money. Quid pro quo. One hand washes the other.

  • Mike

    Ask my buddy who WAS a Jeep(Wrangler) fanatic who started having crazy expensive electrical problems at 50k miles. He traded it in for a Crosstek. Jeeps are heeps of garbage. Built by Fiat. Yay.

  • Bout nuttin. Bummer 80% made here. Fly the 500 to … n/m.

  • Joey Ignacio

    should have put dodge journey on there electrical is going haywire and the engine is plagued by a crappy transmission that belongs in a dinosaur

  • Dinosaurs had transmissions? Hell, I thought we’d evolved!!

  • Surveys to collect data involve thousands of consumers and there are reports from service centers and other sources that are used to identify problem areas. Just because you have had what you claim to be a flawless experience doesn’t mean that applies to everyone else who bought the same car.

    As for infotainment centers being the single largest target on this list, automakers should never have tried to reinvent the wheel. Period.

  • I bought the last model desktop tower machine ever made by Packard Bell. It turned out to be the most reliable server I ever had. It happens.

  • Lee McLaughlin

    Except for the Yugo, Every single vehicle listed was an American made car. There is no doubt on my mind what Car companies from Germany and Japan are handing over money to support this website? Years ago America’s Big 3 did have some trouble but they made a come back and now American Cars are Great. That Moron in this video didn’t mention all the Issues Toyota had with the rapid acceleration from the Camry, did he? That idiot didn’t mention the transmission issues with 2005 to 2010 Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG did he. There were 12 recalls on those cars. Yes there are always people out there that will do or say anything to make a buck even if it means cutting your own throat. So Keep on taking your kickbacks from the Germans and the Japanese. Were not as naive as you think. As far as this website and others like consumers report. We’ve known for years you were getting paid off. So you people out there. Just always remember when you support shady websites like these, its hurting you as well. It may not hurt you directly but it’s hurting you indirectly.

  • Lee McLaughlin

    Narc, It’s none of that. The reason is? because it’s American made. Consumer reports and that Moron who done this video always complain about American made cars. Why? Because the German car companies pay consumers report and this website kickbacks. All they have to do is never list any of the problems the foreign auto makers have. Look at the issues with Toyota with the acceleration issue with the Camry , I use to have a piece of crap Mercedes top of the line sports car SLK-55-AMG twin turbo and it was fast. Very fast. The only issue was it was constantly in the shop. I had 12 recalls with the accelerator sticking like the Toyota That car was not on the list. It’s always American cars. Well people the best thing we can all do is not support Consumers report and this website that is nothing but lies. When they lie about our jobs in America that hurts us all. BTW I am not an Auto worker either. I just am a proud American. You can’t say that for consumers report or this messed up website. Narc, you have one nice car. Don’t buy their lies.

  • Lee McLaughlin

    Isend2C The reason that there mainly American made cars is? America won’t give consumers report and this website money to support them. This crap has been going on for years. It’s kickbacks. You pay our magazine and websites money and we will say good things about your vehicles.

  • Lee McLaughlin

    chryslerfan its because Chrysler company does not give kickbacks to consumer reports, like the German auto makers do and the Japanese auto makers do. At one point in time years ago, Yes the big 3 had to kick it up a notch or two. They did that and they are making great cars. As far as Jeeps go. Why is it no matter where you go in any state you always see hundreds of Jeeps on the road? Why is that? Is it because there a bad vehicle? NO people are buying them because there by far the best 4×4 on the market. Many other auto makers tried to copy them, some got close but if it don’t say Jeep it’s not a jeep. My wife use to be a mail lady until she was promoted to the office. Her Jeep lasted her for years. The only issue we ever had was tires and brakes but that was she had so many stops per day every day. I absolutely hate consumers report and people should not support them. What do we need in America? JOBS and those idiots are trying to hurt us with their false claims. They do hurt us as well. All of us. It may not hurt you directly but it does indirectly. Consumers report and this Moron who done this video can put it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Lee McLaughlin

    Another consumers report Buddy. Do you always believe what you read?

  • Lee McLaughlin

    chryslerfan, Don’t let Moron’s like pywaket_1 bother you. There’s one born every minute.

  • Lee McLaughlin

    pywaket_1 WOW what a mouth you have. I can’t believe anyone with your lack of intelligence could ever make it through college.
    Your major physics/engineering yeah right. If so, stay away from the automobile companies

  • Lee McLaughlin

    chryslerfan, there are a couple of aliens, but not pertaining to that accident. Their posting you. Came from the planet Morox

  • Lee McLaughlin

    chryslerfan I do believe you. Don’t feed into those 2 Moron’s. Their just no-it-alls and their just pushing your buttons. People like that are not worth it, don’t reply back to them. Their from another planet. Just be thankful, they had a vehicle to protect them. Let those idiots believe what they want to believe

  • Lee McLaughlin

    Mike you state that just because of electrical issues. Why is it then there are so many jeeps on the road. Wake up.

  • Jake


  • David Brown

    Did you miss #9 the Nissan Pathfinder?

  • steveinglendale

    You can’t use logic to disprove a position not formed by logic. Ergo: chryslerfan, climate deniers, trumpsters, tea-partiers (remember them?), etc.

  • pywaket_1

    You got that right, dude.

  • pywaket_1

    Dear Asshole,

    My father died a few months later, from an infection he caught in the hospital after the crash. A crash he survived, due to the excellent safety features of his non-Jeep vehicle. He was basically uninjured, but is older, and has had a very large number of very serious and chronic medical issues in his life so that they felt it was best to take him to the hospital just to make sure there was no unseen trauma, such as a head injury, or internal bleeding that would take a day or two to become apparent, but would be life-threatening for him.

    So, fuck you, If your delicate sensibilities can’t take a little profanity on the Internet, I suggest you adjust yourself, or leave, because you aren’t going to be very happy here.

    I’ve done quite well in my 30+ year professional life, thank you very much. I suffer know-it-all fools very badly, like you and chryslerfan. He claims to have written documentation and that he is willing to post it for our analysis, but has refused repeated requests to present that evidence. If he wants to claim this, he needs to provide the proof he says he has. I’ll say it once more: “put up, or shut up,”

    I’ve had the good fortune to work with people who can think logically, and who don’t have to resort to attacks on the character of the person who they are unable to respond to with facts on their side of the argument. I have presented to him, and everyone else here here real data. You and he/she respond with nothing but ad hominem attacks and no data at all. . I’ve seen your posting history with Disqus, and see 12 posts. 10 of them are in this article. I suspect you are nothing more than a sock-puppet account for chryslerfan, to be frank. Having to tolerate idiots like you is the price I pay to be on the internet. You will need to do something similar, for people who understand how things work. When we see BS, we call it out

    And if you want to subject others to attack based on their writing and grammar, I suggest also that you learn that there is a difference between “their” and “there”, and that punctuation matters, such as the the lack of need for apostrophes or commas in “Moron’s”. You can save those for the words that actually need them and where you failed to use them

    The Foul Mouthed person who knows a hell of a lot more than you about this.

  • steveinglendale

    The second part of that is: People like these will believe what they want to believe and work backward from there.

  • mikeinkamloops

    My dad had a Jeep Wagoneer. POS. I had a Jeep Cherokee. Bigger POS — towed 8 times in seven years. My son had a Jeep Patriot. Another POS. Please don’t try and tell us that Jeeps are good — they AREN’T!

  • mikeinkamloops

    On the road, behind a tow truck.

  • Don

    Who is the pencil neck dude that makes talking head a reality, somebody take ownership on this sock-puppet and send him to the showers…