Ferrari is Building One More LaFerrari to Benefit Italy’s Earthquake Victims


Ferrari will produce a 500th LaFerrari to benefit the earthquake victims in central Italy.

During the bilateral summit between the Italian and German governments that took place at Ferrari, chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that the Italian automaker will produce an additional LaFerrari, one more than the original 499 planned. The hybrid hypercar will be sold at auction to benefit the people of central Italy who were recently affected by a 6.2-magnitude earthquake on August 24 that killed nearly 250 people.

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Sporting 949 horsepower, the LaFerrari first debuted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and went on to sell out with a starting price tag of $1.3-million. Since then, the automaker has introduced the convertible variant, which is also already sold out.

The company didn’t announce when the car will be built or when it cross the auction block. Original LaFerrari production ended in 2015, but the company is gearing up to produce the LaFerrari Spider.

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